Delhi’s Current COVID Case Count Falls Below 1000-Mark!

After enduring a torrid last two months or so, finally it appears that the troubles in the city of New Delhi have de-escalated somewhat, where it specifically comes to the COVID 19 onslaught, a problem that had held the city by the scruff of its neck, passing harshness and a spell of troubles that seemed almost endless. We remember, just how difficult a month was April and the passage of time we all prayed would simply get over given the improbable situation created by an excessive shortage of oxygen beds coupled with the burgeoning problem of Hospitals being overcrowded by patients.

So this being told, let’s come to the main question- how is it that the national capital of the country, Delhi is facing a reprieve of sorts? What is it that one needs to know in the case of a city that is blessed with both history and a culture of its own? On that count, it ought to be noted that for the first time in such a long bout of time has the count of current COVID 19 cases in Delhi has fallen below 1000. Now, if this is not a huge piece of news, then one is compelled to ask- what is?

That being told, the city is finally breathing a major sigh of relief, having endured, in the past few months, a nightmare situation, which was no less than some ordeal challenging the very existence of ours.

A report published recently in the revered national daily, the Hindustan Times threw light on the situation, which sufficiently highlights the fact that Delhi is breathing normal now having braved the COVID 19 onslaught:

In the last 24 hours, 94 new coronavirus cases were detected in the Capital – up from 86 a day ago – as its cumulative infection tally rose to 1,434,554, the bulletin showed. The daily toll due to the viral disease also witnessed a rise, as Delhi recorded seven new Covid-19 related fatalities, as against five from the previous 24-hour bulletin. With this, the city’s coronavirus-related death toll has reached 24,995, just five short of topping the dubious 25,000-mark. The total number of recovered cases, meanwhile, is at 1,408,567 with the addition of 111 recoveries, up from 106 on July 3.

The number of new Covid-19 tests conducted in this period stood at 75,133, down slightly from 76,619 on Saturday, taking the number of tests conducted till now to 21,709,756. Thus, the latest positivity rate was recorded at close to 0.13% while the corresponding figure for July 3 was 0.11%. The total number of vaccinations has reached 8,379,658 as 161,110 more beneficiaries were vaccinated in the last 24 hours, of whom 121,222 received their first dose while 39,888 received their second and final dose. Overall, 6,471,818 and 1,907,840 beneficiaries have been administered first and second doses respectively.

The only hope that one expects now is for the city to still tread cautiously and not get lackadaisical in the fight against the dreadful COVID 19 virus, which as on date, claimed no fewer than 25,000 lives (almost). What’s also important to note that from the standpoint of everyone’s safety and precaution, the city’s authorities are yet to open the multiplexes (though much to the chagrin of the public that’s craving to hit the theatres) while restaurants and eateries too continue to run with 50 per cent capacities.

Precautions today shall go a long way to ensure safety and assurance for one and all!

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