The New Challenge Indore Has Tasked Itself With!

There are some cities in India that are loved for being green. They bring forth the element of cleanliness, which is such a key requirement for any huge urban space with India having plenty of large urban cities. Then, there are cities that are renowned for their cultural heritage, food among them being a huge part on the culture menu. But rare it is to find a city that has it all- cleanliness and food and above all, a great city dynamic. Indore, inarguably speaking, the cleanest city of India, is one such city where you can end up raving about both- the quality of its food and the crystal clean roads and environs that liven you up with a sense of positivity that’s hard to find.

And that being said, it’s one thing to be dubbed India’s cleanest city for once or say, on consecutive occasions, but it’s something quite extraordinary to be adjudged the cleanest city of such a large country for several times in a row. Indore, in that sense, often unsung, even uncelebrated, deserves every bit of our attention.

That told, it’s not that there’s no new challenge that Madhya Pradesh’s booming economic capital has not tasked itself with developing something new. So that leads us to the question that amid these COVID 19 times, what is the new challenge that the city of Indore has embraced and what does it plan to make headlines with this time around?

On that note, it’s worthwhile to note that Indore has taken up to build what it’s calling a completely ‘COVI safe’ road. Now, what’s a COVI safe road by the way?

This means, according to news inputs, a particular stretch of road that will be made absolutely hundred percent Corona-free! And just how does Indore plan to go about things in this regard?

The answer is simple- by means of hundred per cent vaccination.

Moving on, News 18 network, in its coverage of the development happened to publish the following:

Moving a step ahead of the concept of Corona-free villages, city or a district, Indore city has taken up a unique project of ‘Covi Safe’ road, a stretch which will be taken up as a challenge to be made Corona-free through 100% vaccination.

From Lantern Square to Zanjeerwala Square, the road has been taken up as part of the unique project launched on Wednesday by local MLA and the cabinet minister Tulsiram Silawat.

A brainchild of the State Indian Medical Association unit, the project also has a helpdesk in the region besides shopkeepers will also urge their customers to get vaccinated. The health staff has targeted to reach every shop, household and commercial institution as a part of a project which aims 100% vaccination.

That told, the IMA office bearer Mr. Satish Joshi also shared his inputs on the occasion, “We compiled information by visiting every shop, house and organisation in the area in last 20 days.”

The stretch of road which is currently the main focus of the city happens to have both- a normal drive-through vaccination centre as well as a normal vaccination centre, both of which have already been installed at Abhay Prashal. This happens to be a mega convention centre in the city.

Now let’s hope that Indore succeeds in its glorious new aim and makes green and promising headlines again, emerging, once again, as an inspiration for so many of India’s cities.

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