Good News From Noida: Auto Ambulances Ready To Operate!

Delhi has it. Gurgaon has it too. And now, there are going to be auto ambulances in Noida functioning too. At a point in time in India’s ghastly journey against the deadly Coronavirus, it’s heartening to see those putting their lives on the lines of duty who do not hail from comfortable and well-to-do backgrounds like us all. The life, and it must be said in no uncertain terms, of auto drivers and others who are ferrying around passengers at this time where, at least, nine in ten would not even feel like trespassing one’s residence door is challenging.

Therefore, those who are willing to come to the rescue of those afflicted by this deadly disease, ready to rush them to hospital (or medical) facilities without worrying about their own well being is an intent that must be truly appreciated. This is the reason why a very timely positive development in the form of auto ambulances in Noida are creating bright headlines.

Where it stands at the moment, then the number of auto ambulances in Noida that are wholly functional measure up to 20. And these are services that are fitted with oxygen support.

If anyone wanted to know what a vital moment of reprieve means during grave crisis, then perhaps one would not have to look any further other than the example of auto ambulances in Noida.

Image source: One India

Therefore, in the truest of its essence, such a provision deserves to be called a nobel act for nothing else would truly suffice.

Here’s what news platform One India had to say about the above development:

Taking note of such cases, the Noida Traffic Police has started an auto ambulance service to help patient in need. Twenty auto-rickshaws fitted with oxygen support started in Gautam Buddh Nagar on Monday to ferry COVID-19 patients to hospitals, officials said. Notably, the service, which will be paid and available round the clock, is part of an initiative of the Noida Traffic Police with support from Fortis Hospital.

The needy people can avail the facility by using Traffic Police’s helpline 9971009001.

It must be noted that the auto ambulances in Noida began operations from Monday, i.e., May 17, 2021.

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And soon as they began functioning, five of the twenty auto ambulances were immediately dispatched for the service of the commoners where they were truly needed. This happened under the presence of the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Mr. Ganesh Prasad Saha as well as the Fortis officials.

A polite request:

These are very difficult times for our country. India, on a whole, regardless of various regions or states is trying to fight hard against the second wave of the pandemic. Wherever you see, there’s constant news pertaining to illness and fatalities. What’s truly needed, in addition to the right and timely medical care is voluntary help.

And there are, one notes with gladness, volunteers who are engaged in various forms of relief measure, whether it is helping organise the last rites for COVID victims, affordable refilling of oxygen or even providing food at a time where one simply can’t be engrossed in matters pertaining to ration and cooking.

We at RapidLeaks are sensitive to the troubles of anyone battling COVID. And we politely request you to help out around in whatever way possible and in accordance to your feasibility. Check out our friends who’ve come up with this noble initiative and you can be a part of it too!

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