3 Individuals Nabbed In Delhi For Slaughtering Cows!

At a time where the national capital of India, much like the rest of the country is seriously giving it everything to do away with multiple menaces that have taken a grip over the peace of the people- COVID 19 and the far-reaching threat of Black Fungus- it appears there’s no respite in heinous crimes whatsoever. So what happened and how is it that Delhi is making news for a terrible incident that’s got nothing to do with COVID 19?

In confirmed news, it appears that three individuals have been nabbed for slaughtering cows in Delhi. Not a singular incident, not a random incident as well; these are three separate incidents where cows in Delhi were slaughtered mercilessly though much to the respite of the denizens of the national capital, the culprits have been nabbed and are currently in police custody.

The incidents pertaining to merciless slaughter of cows in the capital region occurred in the outer Delhi area of the city.

As the cops raided the hideouts of the three accused, namely- Asif (aged 36), Monish (aged 24), and their accomplice Naaem (aged just 20), it occurred that the perpetrators behind the gruesome incident were nabbed and could no longer evade justice.

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One of the criminals, it must be noted, was carrying a cash reward of 50,000. All three were arrested on Tuesday, i.e., May 26, 2021.

Such a terrible incident under broad daylight truly highlights the merciless ways of the man and the person we’ve gone on to become where we do not even spare animals the ire of our hatred and needless ruthlessness.

However, central to the arrest of all three perpetrators behind the slaughter of cows in Delhi were the stellar efforts of five police teams, who found out that the criminals would sell the cow meat for Rs 100 a kg.

At a time where there’s been a renewed national interests of sorts in protecting the integrity and dignity of an animal as pious as the cow, one we pray to, such instances remind of us absolute human apathy toward the harmless that can’t even speak and fall defenceless in the wake of heinous crimes.

Earlier, however, on May 16, several carcasses of cows were found in an empty plot at village Baprola, which led to some suspicion about the entire matter. While the first two incidences were reported from the same village, the third, that appeared on May 20, was reported from the Nihal Vihar area.

Police quickly jumped into action and formed separate search teams in order to unearth the truth behind the gruesome occurrence.

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Furthermore, taking the action straight into his hands was Deputy Commissioner of Police (outer) Parvinder Singh, who after analysing the CCTV footage from no fewer than 600 CCTV cameras shared the following, “Our teams scanned through more than 1,350 CCTV cameras and route taken by the suspected vehicle was identified and the vital clues led the team to Jamia Nagar area. Around 110 suspects from Delhi and UP were rounded up and questioned about their involvement in the cases at Ranhola and Nihal Vihar area.”

May such incidences never occur anywhere. It’s not just about the harmlessness of the animal that is cow or for that matter any animal belonging to the livestock. It’s simply about the barren emptiness and greed that has manipulated our meek human souls that leads to such unforgivable crimes- don’t you think?

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