Best Movies About Teenage

As we all know, creativity in movies has no language, no religion, no color, no creed, etc instead it uses all these aspects to express the most beautiful and magnificent tales of humanity, love, betrayal, happiness, fear, etc. Movies have been a rage among teenagers since ages, especially the Best Movies About Teenage. This rage can be depicted when all of a sudden you see teenagers and youngsters copying out the style of their favorite characters in day to day life in their clothes, accessories, lifestyle, etc.

Some of the best movies about teenage

1. The Breakfast Club

This teenage movie is surely one of the best movies about teenage. Released in 1985, written and directed by John Hughes. The movie centers around the inner lives of teenagers. The five main central characters of the movie are the five high school students belonging to different walks of life, which includes John (Judd Nelson), Clarie (Molly Ringwald), Allison (Ally Sheedy), Brian (Anthony Michael Hall) and Andrew (Emilio Estevez). On a  Saturday night detention under the principal they get a chance to tell about their life stories and from there onwards how their perspective changes is shown in this comedy-drama teenage movie. 

2. The Fault In Our Stars: Best Movies About Teenage

This is one of the best movies about teenage romance in which the two teenagers Hazel Grace and Augustus/ Gus Waters are suffering from cancer and meet each other at a cancer support group. After that their cute, innocent, and lovely interactions about books bring them close. Gus decides to fulfill the wish of Hazel to meet this reclusive author Peter Van Houten in Amsterdam. This teenage romance drama is directed by Josh Boone and is based on the novel by the same title as the movie written by the author John Green. This teenage rom-com will surely touch your heart and will make you smile with tears in your eyes. 

3. Love, Simon

This is surely one of the best movies about teenage identity and sexual orientation in the past few years. In fact it was first of its kind which talked about teenage gay sexuality openly on the silverscreen. The lead protagonist Simon Spier never confronted his preference and love for the same gender to his family. He falls in love online not knowing that the other guy is his classmate. So, how this confrontation becomes a life changing event in Simon’s life is the crux of the story. Released in 2018 and directed by Greg Berlanti, the movie stars Nick Robinson as Simon, Jennifer Garner and Josh Duhamel. Watch this coming of age teenage romance which deals with social issue of gay romance. 

4. 13 Going On 30

Released in 2004, directed by Gray Winick is a teenage movie which belongs to the teenage fantasy comedy genre. Jenna Rink, the protagonist, of the movie wishes on her thirteenth birthday to be 30 soon after facing humiliation on her 13th birthday party. Thanks to the wishing dust, her wish comes true and she turns into a young damsel overnight. After turning into a successful young woman, how her life changes and what she goes through is shown beautifully in this one of the best movies about teenage young girls’ issues. Will Jenna Rink be ever back to her teenage years? Was it just a dream? To find out what happens and how?  Go and check out this teenage movie.

5. The Harry Potter Series: Best Movies About Teenage

Well, any teenage section be it movies, books, gaming, etc is incomplete without mentioning the ever so legendary Harry Potter series. The movies of this series surely are a top contender in the category of Best movies about teenage science fiction and fantasy genre. The Harry Potter series started in 2001 with a total of 8 movies in it. All teenagers across the globe are great admirers of Harry Potter movies as the movies talk about valor, bravery, magic, fantasy, love, emotion, affection, revenge, drama, etc. For every Harry Potter fan these movies are like a rollercoaster ride, fun and new experience every time. So, enjoy a great time with your school and college buddies watching the series with tubs of popcorn. 

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Good Movies For A Teenager

We all are fascinated with the world of movies as they portray the lives on screen from a filthy, cunning man to the most idealistic man on screen and between these two spectrums of a human lies millions of shades, which we see and portray on the screen to express ourselves. That’s why movies are always considered as a reflection of both the real and unreal world around us. The best audience to understand the magic of movies is “Teenagers”. Teenagers are the most experimental section of the audience that is why makers and creators of movies are always looking for something new to offer. We have enormous options for teenagers to watch and binge with family and friends. 

Here is a list of some Good Movies For A Teenager to get inspired along with entertainment, it includes names like:

Dead Poets’ Society

It is one of the Good movies about a teenager, released in 1989, directed by Peter Weir. The movie showcases the inspiring story of an English teacher who tries to encourage his students to live a life that is unapologetic, a life which can break the social norms, biasedness of the society and live life on your own terms. It is an absolute must watch as it showcases the value of self-worth, dreams, love, friendship, society, education, etc in a very beautiful and emotional way. 

X Plus Y: Best Movies About Teenage

This movie is all about relationships, released in 2015 and directed by Morgan Matthews, it stars Asa Butterfield as Nathan Ellis. Nathan is a math prodigy but he struggles in his day to day life to communicate with other people and build relationships. He develops friendship with a young teenage girl Zhang Mei (played by Jo Yang) during an International Mathematics Olympiad. It is definitely one of the Good movies for a teenager to learn that life has no formula for success and love, you just have to believe in it and flow with time.  


It is a highly critically acclaimed American coming-of-age comedy-drama movie directed by Jason Reitman. It was released in 2007 and stars Elliot Page, Michael Cera, Jennifer Garner, etc. The story revolves around this young teenage girl Juno MacGuff who becomes pregnant by her friend and admirer Paulie Bleeker. She decides to give the baby up for adoption rather than aborting the child. She finds a couple who agrees to adopt the child. From there the emotional journey complicates for Juno and how her life shapes up afterwards is the crux of the movie. The movie showcases teenage romance and emotions beautifully with some heart-touching performances. 

Movies about teenage romance, love, friendship, schooling, etc all are pretty common genres which we have seen before. But with changing times topics like drug consumption, sexual orientation, political issues, etc being discussed with tennage movies. Such changes show the changing demands of content among teenagers and youngsters. Also, movies are an impeccable medium to liberate your creativity and inspire young minds via various mediums like music, writing, designing, directing, editing, etc. So, we all know that movies are one of the best ways to entertain any age group yet they can bring so much change in our lives if we observe the effect they have on us. 

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