We’re living in a time when lack of sleep time is considered to be associated with success. Which is why, more and more people want to be busy, all so that they don’t have an ample amount of time to sleep.

Along with some people not succumbing to sleep, there are many who are constantly bombarded with the pressure of getting work done, which makes them lose out on sleep. From meeting deadlines to working round-the-clock, there’s much work pressure upon us, that often people fail to really stand by it.

However, our mind and our body need sleep and it needs it more than one can even expect. Various doctors have time and again said that a human body requires a sound sleep of 7 hours every night in order to fully function in the morning. But, not even half of us are sleeping that much and with that relaxation.

Which is why the need of generating an incredible amount of information among the masses is really important right now. In order to remind just how important sleep is and to celebrate it, every year World Sleep Day is celebrated on the Friday before Spring Vernal Equinox of each year. The annual event organised by World Sleep Day Committee of World Sleep Society (founded by WASM and WSF), seeks to bring forth important issues related to sleep.

One needs sleep, more than anything else, in order to sustain their way through days and their normal lives. Lack of sleep is considered to be one of the major factors that come with depression or give birth to depression.

As for the World Sleep Day, while some decided to snooze their alarm for the day in order to celebrate the occasion, others decided to take it to Twitter to reveal the benefits of a good and sound sleep.

Here’s all that the people tweeted on World Sleep Day.

On this World Sleep Day, promise yourself to take care of your mind and body by giving it time to rest.

Jyotsna Amla