The Midnight Sun Phenomenon: The Whimsical Places On Earth Where The Sun Never Sleeps

It’s hard to imagine our life without night. Over the million years we have seen the 24 hour day pattern that has both a sunrise and a sunset. But imagining that we don’t have a sunset is quite weird yet an amusing feeling in itself. Yes, you are reading it correctly there are places where sunset does not occur. But it is a natural phenomenon which occurs and takes place in the north of the Arctic Circle and South of the Antarctic Circle. This phenomenon is called The Midnight Sun. 

What is the Midnight Sun?

The midnight sun is a natural event and it happens because earth is tilted on its axis more towards the sun. so, if you’re in the northern hemisphere then around 21 June and in the southern hemisphere it occurs around 23rd December that you can see this phenomenon. At its peak you can see the sun traveling in the sky but doesn’t dip below the horizon. Depending on how north you are placed, the period of non-stop daylight may range from a day to more than 150 days.

The places where the Sun never sets are as follows

1. Norway

Norway is known as the Land of the Midnight Sun. This is because here from May to late July the sun never sets. Norway is situated in the Arctic circle. In Svalbard, Norway, the Sun shines all day long from April to August. It is also Europe’s most populated region. 

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2. Nunavut, Canada

Nunavut is located in Canada. It lies around two degrees above the Arctic circle in the Northwest Territories of Canada. This place is whimsical because it sees the Sun 24 hours for two months and also sees total darkness that means no Sun for 30 continuous days. Not only that in Canada, Yukon city also sees the midnight sun for almost 50 days in summer. 

3. Iceland

Iceland is the second largest island in Europe and is popular for many unique things like it is a country with no mosquitoes. In the month of June Iceland sees complete days only that means the Sun never sets here for that time period. The best places in Iceland to see the midnight Sun are Akureyri and Grimsby island in the Arctic circle. 

4. Barrow, Alaska

Well Alaska has both the midnight Sun and no Sun at all days in its calendar. If you want to enjoy the Sun at night then you can visit this place from May to late July. But if you want to enjoy the polar nights (no Sun in day, night 24/7) then you can visit this place in the month of November. 

5. Finland

It is a beautiful city also referred to as The land of thousand lakes and islands. Most territories of Finland fall near the Arctic circle. For 73 days in summer Finland people experience the midnight sun. 

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6. Sweden

In Sweden, Kiruna city sees the midnight sun for almost 100 days in the month of May to August. The city has a population of 19,000 only. 

7. St. Petersburg, Russia

It is a densely populated state and the northernmost city in the world. Its latitude is so high that for a month and half the Sun doesn’t pass below the horizon. Thus no sunset occurs during this period.

8. Greenland – Places where the Sun never sets

The city of Qaanaaq in Greenland also sees no sunset for almost two and half months. The city is located in the extreme north of Greenland and has a population of merely 650 people. In Ilulissat, the sun doesn’t set between mid-May and late July. 

So, experience this breathtaking mesmerizing phenomena and capture the scintillating sun in your cameras if possible for you. Such phenomena always makes the human race think and explore how and why such things happen. This curiosity helps in knowing our surroundings more in terms of nature and its events. 

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