How Is Italy Stepping Forward To Aid Ukraine?

At this point in time, you’d be anyone but someone in Ukraine. That’s just not a good idea. Not practical. Not for any intent and purpose. What the people of Ukraine are facing is nothing shy of a modern day catastrophe. Just when the nation’s hapless people would have thought that the persisting economic turmoil was enough to break their backs, in came the Russian war, a bloodied affair that’s actually come to see loss of lives on both sides.

One doesn’t know when might the war end. What one does know, however, is that there’s no dearth of love and outpouring of support that’s siding- and rightly so- with Ukraine.

What the bitter and gruesome war has done so far is that while it has evidenced several nations severing ties with Russia, clearly the aggressor, with countries enforcing sanctions on Putin-land, there’s been a massive wave of support that’s belonged to Ukraine, the sufferer in this situation.

And among the many nations that have stepped up the ante of support extended to Ukraine during its most precious hour is Italy, the famous southern European wonderland.

That brings us to the question that how exactly is the Mario Draghi-led nation extending Ukraine much-needed support during the the war torn country’s wailing hour?

Well, let’s dive into the facts immediately without further ado.

As of February 27, 2022 Italy transferred a sum of 110 million Euros into the Ukrainian government’s account. Just to take cognizance of how substantial an amount that was, it’s $120 million dollars.

Subsequently, the Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio exclaimed that the transfer of funds to Ukraine is a “Sign of Solidarity and Support!”

As it is often said that it is during one’s most testing and troubled times that one can gauge the true nature of one’s friends, in Ukraine’s most troubling hour, it can be clearly assessed that Italy has truly come forward as a real friend and what could be better than that.

Having said that, The Hindu visited the extended media statement of the Italian foreign minister in the wake of the country’s reaching out to Ukraine during a dreadful period of time and shared the following:

“I’ve informed my colleague Dmytro Kuleba that I’ve just signed a resolution for the immediate payment of 110 million euros to the government in Kyiv, as a sign of solidarity and support from Italy to a people with whom we have fraternal relations. In a longer post on Facebook, the minister said that Ukraine was under siege and under continuous bombardment by the Russians for no fault of its own. Peace is the goal towards which we continue to work every day and we respond to Russian arms with sanctions.”

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