Positive News From Finland: Virtual Museum Opens To Help Those With COVID 19’s Psychological Impact!

Finland is a remarkable country. It really is. It’s always been one. When much of the world travels, and some times, extensively so to the other parts of the globe, the Finns stay happily occupied in their saunas and remain busy rallying. When much of the world remains in awe of five star hospitality and luxury hotels or sunbathing with extensive brands, Finland simply goes fishing or minding their own business.

You don’t even travel to Finland to find the most luxurious goods, but in a sense be one with ‘lights’ so that they can emit some rays of contemplation. Deep? How’s that? You do actually make a plan for Finland to see its Northern Lights. In few parts of the world would you see talks surrounding the Reindeer and the Reindeer extensively- or would you?

But then Finland has always been unique and someone who dances to its own tunes, right?

When much of the world is making tall skyscrapers and relinquishing peace of mind for absorption in materialism, there stands Finland building data centres and universities of tomorrow, directing precious infrastructure to where it matters instead of loitering around chasing spacious ultra comfy homes and that stuff.

And similarly, when much of the world competes and often endlessly so, between Apple and Samsung, there stands Finland with much peace holding out a Nokia, a company that actually started the mobile phone revolution before anyone else did. A company that, to take a leaf out of Britain’s book, is Finland’s national treasure.

Even in the days of the novel Coronavirus, Finland has found a way to attend to the anxieties and troubles of those struggling with the COVID 19 virus. And that is by way of building what is called the virtual museum. That’s right. There’s actually a virtual museum that has been created by Finland in times of grief for those who have been dealing with the Coronavirus.

So the key question is what does this virtual museum actually do and what is its true purpose since it’s coming to assist those who grappled with the emperor of maladies in this part of the 21st century?

In an important exchange with the revered Indian Express, the following information came to light that happens to explain that the virtual museum is about:

“This idea of the museum was born in spring 2020 when….we were living in a state of emergency. The purpose was to find a form of archiving the time that we were going through in Finland and globally,” said Johanna Kaprio-Papageorgiou, Senior Communications Specialist at the Finnish Prime Minister’s Office in an interview with the newspaper (IE). “The idea of this museum is to archive the time, but also to support dealing with this very demanding period, to put words to what has happened and to allow us to share our emotions that we’ve all been through.”

Moreover, there’s a real need to touch upon the feelings and emotional expressions of those who were affected by the COVID 19 virus, which the museum is attempting to address. Here’s what the Indian Express reported, “The museum marks milestones during Finland’s state of emergency in 2020 and highlights the collective experiences of people in the country.”

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Moving on, fundamentally speaking, to touch upon varying degrees and feelings connected to all possible human emotions- whether anger, pain, happiness, surprise, fear, sadness, disgust- and to depict all these through a virtual symposium is the main theme addressed by the museum in Finland.

There again, Finland stands out by staying true to its spirit of doing things differently and infusing something completely original even in challenging times such as COVID 19. Just how many would have thought of a museum in these times after all?

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