How Is Germany Doing Its Bit Towards The Ukrainian Refugees?

If you happen to explore the popular culture of Germany but leaning towards moral science, then you would come across a famous saying that has stuck on for decades together. It goes on like this:

Nur die Harten kommen in den Garten

It literally translates to- “Only The Strongest Survive”.

Perhaps the saying has more relevance to understand that in order to thrive and survive in life, one has to be strong and must be willing to give it everything. But given the current stance Germany, much like other European nations has taken, particularly toward Ukraine, it would make ripe sense to alter the famous saying somewhat.

It would be meaningful to say something like- “Only the strong hearted helps others to survive.”

And that’s true particularly in that when one is compassionate and willing, only then can he help the other. Just like the manner in which Germany is accepting and open about Ukrainian refugees!

How exactly is that?

Believe it or not, from the beginning of the early days of the Russian war on Ukraine, a harrowing and bloodied affair, Germany has been accepting tends of hundreds of Ukrainian refugees. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to take note of the official numbers resting with the German federal police where it comes to just how many Ukrainian refugees have come to seek refuge in Germany to escape the calamity of war back home.

What you need to know is that as of March 20, 2022- no fewer than 2,00,000 refugees have already arrived in Deutschland. Moreover, there are around 15,000 refugees that arrive in the city of Berlin on a daily basis, on an average.

A news report published on Republic World had the following insights to share:

According to the country’s interior ministry, 207,747 Ukrainian refugees have arrived in Germany as of March 19. The actual number of Ukrainian refugees in Germany, on the other hand, is expected to be significantly higher.

It is worth noting that Ukrainians do not require a visa to enter Germany, and federal police only record refugees arriving by train or bus. Moreover, because thorough border inspections are lacking within the European Union’s internal borders, Ukrainians arriving in Germany by car from Poland are frequently unregistered. Further, those who live with relatives or friends in Germany are not counted unless they seek for financial assistance from the German government.

That being said, where it comes to accepting refugees and asylum seekers, then Germany’s recent past hasn’t been much to different than what one sees in the case of the help extended to those from Ukraine.

Not since the Second World War did the world witness such a mass exodus of people than what was clearly evident from the onset of 2015, a year most remembered for the-then Chancellor Merkel accepting tens of thousands of Syrian, Libyan refugees who fled their homeland given the civil war that took place half a decade back in time. There were Asylum seekers everywhere back then in Europe whether one noted the UK, Latvia, Croatia, France, Italy no name a few nations.

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Now, as war rages on in Ukraine bringing much of the European Union to hear the blaring sound of Russian aggression, Germany has once again stood up as a giver of hope to countless precious lives that need a new beginning and so desperately lack peace.

But doing its bit to help a nation embittered by utter chaos, Germany in a bid to support the Ukrainians has set up a large centre at the Berlin Central station, which isn’t that afar from the Polish border by way of which tens of dozens arrive everyday in the Olaf Scholz-led nation.

Just to take cognisance of the collateral damage caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, it helps to know that ever since the war began, around 3 million everyday Ukrainians fled the country.

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