This Indian Won Rs 12.7 Crore In Lottery In Abu Dhabi

This man, living in Abu Dhabi had the best day of his life when he won a lottery of Rs 12.7 *freaking* crore.

Sreeraj Krishnan Kopperembil, an Indian from Kerala, now living in Abu Dhabi has become a millionaire in a matter of few days. He won a lottery worth Dh7 million (Rs 12,72,21,622) in the Abu Dhabi’s Big Ticket Draw.

This big news was announced on 5th March and made a shipping coordinator, a millionaire and winner of the draw.

Krishnan is a native of Kerala and has been living in Abu Dhabi from past 9 years. In an interview to Khaleej Times India, Krishnan said that he has been buying these tickets for a long time now, however, never won anything out of it. He decided this to be the last time and surprisingly hit the jackpot.

Source: uniteforindia
Source: uniteforindia

He also said that he would use this money to pay his housing loan in Kerala and would continue living in Abu Dhabi.

6th March 2017
Jyotsna Amla