“Hiding From A Serial Killer” Meme Is Going Viral And We Are Loving All The Jokes!

Remember “Hiding From A Serial Killer” Meme? Yes, the one that instantly burst you into laughter. Well, looks like that meme alone wasn’t enough for Indian Twitteratti as once again they have picked it as one of their favorites and turned it into most creative jokes ever.

Now if you think that how can be a meme that is already a joke, can be turned into something more funnier then my friend you are underestimating the power of creative thinkers in India as they have successfully made it the joke of this week. Don’t believe us? Read Yourself!

Well, Here Is The Original One!


And The Fun Starts Here:

Summer Struggles In India!


Pun Intended?

Foodies And Their Thoughts!

Blind Follower Or Politically Correct?

Can’t Resist That!

Sidhu Paaji Fas Gaye!

90’s Ka Tadka!

Mumbaikars Are Always Up For This!

Relatives Be Like!


Childhood Wordplays!

Beauty Enthusiast!

Why Blue Can’t Only Be Blue?

Roadie Rage!

Moms Will Never Stop Complaining!

See, I told you, these brainy people can make anything funnier! Still Laughing?