“Center Shock” Is Back And Twitter Just Can’t Contain Its Excitement!

What do you think about, when you hear the words “Center Shock”? Childhood days and an intensely adventurous gum? If yes, then you’re gonna get real excited for this news.

“Center Shock” is here, it’s back to make our lives amazing and full of surprises.

The brand has revived its popular chewing gum with their old advertisement and a new look.

We all have loved the sour treat and its advertisements were hilarious as hell. They definitely did depict that this gum won’t simply let you sit still.

I still remember how challenging it was to pop the gum at first, but then it was amazing, which makes Center Shock “The Best Gum In India”.

The company aired their old advertisement and broke the news, and people can’t seem to contain their excitement for the candy. Twitterati are blowing the revival of the gum and here are some of the most amazing twitter responses to it.

Seems this person is already shocked by the current situations. 

6th March 2017
Jyotsna Amla