New Delhi: Technological advancements have been making our lives easier and aviation industry is not deprived of it. The time of traveling via air has been drastically reduced over the years.

However, in today’s time of non-stop connectivity and on-demand service, a seven hour flight over Atlantic seems interminable.

But now you can travel 24 times faster than the speed of sound that means you can go halfway around the world in a matter of minutes.

That’s the idea behind the new concept plane presented by Industrial designer Charles Bombardier. The plane is called – Antipode.

The concept plane allows journey of 20,000 kilometers in less than one hour. It can take you from London to New York in 11 minutes and New York to Sydney in 32 minutes.

The luxurious business plane (Antipode) is designed to carry up to 10 people at a time. The plane’s wings would have sufficient lift to glide and be able to land on a standard 6,000 foot runway.

“During time-sensitive crises, it would transport highly ranked officials across the globe in a matter of hours,” explains Bombardier on his website.

The jet will use the rocket boosters, a special system that will employ electromagnetics and a particular technology named long penetration mode.

However, Mr. Bombardier confessed his concerns that materials “able to withstand the heat, pressure and structural stress” of the aircraft had not yet been invented.

Each plane is estimated to cost well over $150m (£105m) to build and requires more research.

This future technology plane looks highly promising, though, who all can afford the expensive ticket to get overboard this super jet will be a mystery until the first flight.

The race of speedier air travel is going on in full swing. Recently, Airbus filed for a patent for a supersonic jet that could cut the flight time from London to New York to one hour, while other aviation companies such as Spike and Aerion are working on similar developments.

31 Jan 2015

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