Perhaps, time may be right for movie-makers to add a new character sub-plot to the redundantly done and dusted alien movies. How about adding a new context wherein octopuses inside ocean bodies are shown as cousins of aliens?

Or, maybe show earth-bound octopuses as being distant relatives to aliens who visited earth once and where rumour mongers are to be believed, then every now and again. Maybe, new story plots could be about aliens and octopuses descending on earth to, you know, just chill out and somehow end up seeing octopuses finding themselves be left behind.

This may sound crazy, but who cares? Here’s the truth and one that hasn’t been contorted.

How else can one justify the recent finding by scientists engaged with the Sri Lankan university Ruhuna? In one of those claims that read like revelations- seemingly out of nowhere- scientists at the University of Ruhuna in Sri Lanka have maintained that octopuses are actually some kind of aliens that had once visited planet Earth.

Bizarre is something which is often an accompanying presence in such researches. But this one, it can be said, goes way ahead- doesn’t it? Apparently, this isn’t a random submission by the scientists at the University of Ruhuna. They are of the view that about 540 million years ago, there was a strange explosion that shook the universe. This wasn’t an ordinary explosion, regardless of whether this reads like some cliche.

Called the Cambrian explosion, this led to animals first appearing on the surface of the earth, which hadn’t happened ever. Among the animals were modern animals as we know them to be. And the explosion, apparently resulting from an extraterrestrial virus crashing into the Earth in a meteor impact may have led to octopuses’ eggs that came along.

Now, if your mind hasn’t yet stopped working, there’s a profound logic behind the strange occurrence. The fertilised octopuses that may have been aboard the meteor may not have had the genes from the visiting planet- which, well isn’t known. Because, so far, none of the researchers despite years and years of study together have been able to suggest the resident planet of aliens.

And there’s also some reason behind this statement, according to the university scientists. Since the octopuses are complex creatures, with the gamut of their physical features, with camera-like eyes and complex nervous systems, they may be aliens of another kind, who too have seemingly distorted features. Even as not many seem to have nodded in acceptance of their proclamation, here’s what the said group of scientists had to say in relation to their finding.

In a study that was published in the  Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology, the researchers wrote: “It is plausible then to suggest [these traits] seem to be borrowed from a far distant ‘future’ in terms of terrestrial evolution, or more realistically from the cosmos at large.”

So where does that leave us now? Maybe a new film with octopuses announcing themselves as cohorts of the highly confusing alien species? Wonder which filmmaker wants to pounce on to this idea?

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