Should Red Bull Sign Lando Norris?

Spending one season with Red Bull wouldn’t be such a bad idea for any Formula 1 driver. Of course if you are someone like Sir Lewis Hamilton, then it’s a different thing altogether; for you are committed to a team like Mercedes, isn’t it?

But what about Lando Norris?

Well, for starters, Lando Norris to Red Bull isn’t such a bad idea at all, or is it? But then, hasn’t the young Briton already committed himself to McLaren for quite a few years?

For someone who outperformed a seasoned campaigner in Daniel Ricciardo for back-to-back seasons now, life’s not such a bad place for the Bristol-born Formula 1 driver.

While last year, Lando Norris scored 160 points overall and stood sixth in 2021, this year, the avid youngster who is well liked by Zak Brown has beaten Ricciardo by an even bigger margin.

How’s that?

In comparison to the Perth-born Aussie who scored just 37 points overall, Lando Norris scored 122 proving just why he’s so rated and that they are anything but bluffing when they say that the young Grand Prix driver is meant for big things.

Having said that what’s clear and since quite some time is that Lando isn’t going anywhere; and that his future in Formula 1 is secure with one of the finest teams that there can ever be.

And yet, there’s Karun Chandhok, former driver and current motorsport pundit who’s shared already that Lando Norris should head the Red Bull way.

Surely, a place at the Milton Keynes-based outfit for Norris sometime in the future wouldn’t be such a bad idea, but then, isn’t that a longshot, at least, at this point in time?

That said, what makes the well-known Chennai-born, who last competed in Mahindra Racing, share the Red Bull and Lando Norris perspective?

Interestingly, amongst the noted duo in the world of F1 punditry- David Croft and Karun Chandhok were speaking at a Sky event recently wherein they were reviewing just how 2022 was for Formula 1.

Which is where the former Grand Prix driver associated with smooth reportage and unbiased views on F1 happened to share his perspective on why Red Bull should target Lando Norris at some point.

“Red Bull should try it as hard as possible to get Lando Norris,” is what Chandhok maintained.

Having said that, here’s what Lando Norris, when appointed a McLaren driver had to say a while back:

“More than anything I would love to continue what we have and continue trying to reach that dream of ours, which is to get back to winning races and of course to get back to winning championships and so on!”

But then, just what were the driver laced in the papaya-liveried racing colours have to say about his own performance in the recently-concluded F1 season?

“From where we were in race one [Bahrain], I think we’ve done a good job, we recovered well.

If I think before the season, did we achieve in 2022 what we should have done as McLaren? Honestly, no. If we want to do well and we want to be champions at some point and we want to win races, we can’t be satisfied with where we have been this season.”

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