Unless you are actually a person from a land far far away that is in some deserted part of the world, you very well know how amazing a woman on top position is. Also known as the cowgirl sex position, it is most common after missionary.

Women love it as cowgirl sex position makes them feel empowering and men love it because they get to enjoy the sweet pleasure of sex without putting any effort and get to play with the second favorite toy after PlayStation – boobs.

Well, as common as it is, the sex position is not actually that easy. You just can’t sit on his joystick and start jumping on it. It’s more than that. It’s a gateway to ultimate pleasure so you really need to know how to master cowgirl sex position.

Here are some ways you can actually enjoy cowgirl position at its best!

1. Do Not Leave Your Clitoris Alone.


Either you rub it or ask your guy to do the honors. The stimulation will be so heavenly that you will lose yourself. The best part is that it will make you go crazier to the core which means his joystick will feel more friction.

2. The Pace Control.

5 Sex Positions For Lazy Sexy Mornings!You are in command so, make the full use of it. if your partner comes too soon, then make sure you are actually controlling the pace and the rhythm in a way that you reach your orgasm. Even if he doesn’t come easy, you can tease him with a sudden rush or pause.

3. Gyrate All You Can.

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Jumping on his tool isn’t the only way. You can actually move in any direction you want. So move forward, backward, sideways. You can actually make it the hottest sex position ever by building up a steady rhythm and moving in circular motion. We bet he will just go mad.

4. Lean Back.

5 Things That Separate Awesome Sex From Average Sex!It’s not necessary to be face to face with your partner. Put your arms behind on the bed and lean back while riding him. The position will not only change penis stimulation but will also fickle your g-spot. It will be a hell lot more pleasurable than regular cowgirl position.

5. Don’t Let Your Jubblies Hang In There.


Breast stimulation is something that should be mandatory in this position. It is one erogenous zone that can arouse women like never before, especially when she is on top. So either you play with your nipples and let him enjoy the show or ask him to work on them.

The Cowgirl sex position could be the kinkiest one if you can master it. Try out these ways, it might spice up your sex life for good.

Avni S. Singh