Hola People. Sex and lies go hand in hand. Ummm! Not confusing you there but haven’t you heard that “People Fake It”? You do right? The lies aren’t limited to faking it and they certainly are not limited to women. Men too, lie about sex and in ways, you can’t imagine.

Men are smart liars, women are emotional to fall for them. When men want to get into a woman’s pants, they know how to play with words and gain the confidence of their female partner. All of it sounds so convincing that women end up believing them. Honestly, it has been like that for years, and we women never learn. Of course, not all men are like that but we are talking about the majority here.

Here are some of the most common sex lie men tell to women and next time you hear them, just pop the bubble and tell him that you already know the truth. Leave him stunned!

1. Your Breast Are Perfect.

Afternoon Sex
image source: pinterest.com
Next time when a guy tells you that your melons are perfect, don’t believe him instead ask him what are imperfect breasts and he would be dumbstruck. They all tell this lie to make you feel better. It’s nothing like you don’t have perfect breast, but not all of us have heavy bazookas, do we?

2. First Time.

Afternoon Sex
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Many guys use this trick to gain an emotional advantage but ladies be careful and observe his body language closely. The one who really has no experience will never try to behave like a tiger in bed on the first place.

3. Emotional Past.

Sex Myths
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Oh God! This one trick is amazing. Many guys lie about their past to gain sympathy and a woman always appreciates a guy who can never get sexually intimidated without feelings. The truth is emotions and sex are two different things and they don’t mix-up always. So next time he tells you something like this, be sure before you open the gate of heaven for him.

4. Condom Talks.

image source: India.com
image source: India.com
Most of the guys always say that they hate unprotected sex. The truth is that they know what a woman wants to hear. Also most of the men enjoy penetration without a condom, so if he is doing it with a condom on, he is probably scared of losing his chance of getting sum and enjoying whatever is on the plate.

5. You Are The Best.

Afternoon Sex
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If a man tells you that you were okay in bed, would you be interested in making out next time? Chances are heavily low. So they play a trick and tell you that you are the best sex they ever had, which eventually makes you happy and confident leaving a big room for getting sex another time from you.

6. Let’s Lay Together.

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Until, unless you are in a long-term relationship with that guy, don’t believe when he says that I just want to lay down beside you and chat. All he wants is an emo-talk that will lead to cuddling and then sex.

7. I Don’t Feel The Need To Check Out Other Women.

Image Source: admin.mashable.com
Image Source: admin.mashable.com
This one is a classic, just to get your emotions intact and give a fake “Aww” moment, men go on and say ” I don’t check out other girls because I love you so much and there is no one like you in this world”. They do check out other women, that’s i9n their basic nature and they seriously can’t help it.
Shocked, are you? Don’t be, just remember that next time you really need to be careful. Just know the rules and beat them in their own game. Let them be smart with all such lies and you be smarter to blow them up.


13 October 2017
Avni S. Singh