The holiday season is here and all the guys who have stuck by cupid’s arrow are longing to find the perfect present for your lady love, that can put a smile on her face. Let’s face it, the hunt for a perfect gift is nothing less than finding the hidden treasure of Egyptian Pyramids. Women’s brains are wired so difficulty that it is almost impossible to be sure what they may like; Remember we said almost impossible.

You don’t want to ruin the most wonderful time of the year hence, more than what you should gift your girlfriend, you should focus on what you absolutely shouldn’t. An average gift can still save the day for you but a disastrous one for sure holds the power to bust it. Actually, the damage will not be over for several days.

So before you know the best pick for your girlfriend, register this list of gifts that you should not buy for her even if someone asks you at gunpoint.

1. Teddy Bear.

7 Gifts You Should Never Give Your Girlfriend Ever (4)

Are you kidding? Her childhood is over and she is over her Winnie the Pooh phase. Your girl has stepped into her fairytale life and the last thing she wants is a giant bear as a gift. Be sensible and eliminate that option from your list forever.

2. Perfume.

7 Gifts You Should Never Give Your Girlfriend Ever (5)

Women are really picky about fragrances. You might end up giving her a perfume that she absolutely hates. Unless you are sure that it’s something that might be liked, refrain from that territory.

3. Pets

7 Gifts You Should Never Give Your Girlfriend Ever (1)

It may be that your girl is a dog or a cat person. But that doesn’t mean you have to necessarily add to her existing pet tally. Isn’t it? It takes a lot to take care of those four-legged angels. Save her from the trouble. (Only if she is an enthusiast animal rescuer, should you think of it. However, asking her first will be a wise decision)

4. Gift Card.

7 Gifts You Should Never Give Your Girlfriend Ever (1)

Your girlfriend wants you to make some effort for her. Giving her a gift card implies that you couldn’t even try to spare some time for selecting something meaningful for your love interest. Get your act together.

5. Cash

7 Gifts You Should Never Give Your Girlfriend Ever (2)

What kind of boyfriend gifts cash to his girl. That’s just insensitive. Do not ever do it or your relationship will be over just like this year is going to end soon.

6. Bathroom Essentials.

7 Gifts You Should Never Give Your Girlfriend Ever (3)

Chances are, that every girl’s stack is often already full of myriad bathroom essentials. She might be having what is needed as essentials. So gifting her loofas or salts might not actually be too exhilarating.

7. Clothes With No Tags.

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You never know, she might want to change its color or it may not be a perfect fit. So, unless you are keeping that tag on, do not dare to gift her clothes. From color to fabric to size to pattern, everything matters. Her fashion is her bible, don’t play with it.

Tada! Here you go. Do you have another disastrous item to add to this list? Let us know and save someone’s relationship. After all, holidays are supposed to be happy, right?

7 December 2017
Avni S. Singh