Hola people, it’s been long since I have written anything which is even scarcely related to sex but I hope my previous writings are still coming in handy ( Not that you necessarily need them but to expand the knowledge or brush up if you forget a thing or two). So, while my words were away from the realm of ecstasy, I happen to come across an incident which made me ask a lot of guys a single question, “What Comes To Your Mind When Your Partner Gets Loud During Bonking Session?”.

Well, it’s no hidden secret that most of the women don’t know the answer to this question as they never ask for it but ladies, if this question popped in your mind ever, here are 7 answers that I found out are the most relatable and honest.

1. Damn! I Am Doing A Great Job!

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Well, of course when you throw all those seductive Oh Yeah, God and Don’t Stop screams on the bed. Most of the guys think that they are amazing at this and believe me this is the first thought of every guy. So, if you are a noise maker while thumping, you don’t stop. (Wink)

2. It’s Irresistibly Hot

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Your noises and moaning turn on guys like anything and they find it pretty hot. Frankly, it gives them a sense of achievement and boosts their confidence.

3. Can Anyone Hear Us?

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Don’t mind ladies but yeah, a guy can think about neighbors and surrounding while having sex too. So, when you go over the top make sure to turn down the volume a little bit so that your guy can concentrate on pleasure rather than who is hearing what.

4. What If Someone Thought That We Are Fighting?

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Yup! It scares him to the death to think like that but a way too loud moan could do that to his mind as people may not get the idea of you and him making out hotter than ever and they can actually perceive that some kind of violence is happening inside the house. So beware, don’t make such confusing sex noises and know your game.

5. My God! My Ears!

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Remember, when you moan, he loves it but make sure you are not moaning right into his ear. I know you won’t do it on purpose but think about his poor eardrums.

6. Is It Really All Me Or Is She Faking The Whole Thing?

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Ladies, if you think that this thought won’t cross his mind, you are doubting his ability to judge and evaluate everything, However, he would never know the truth but try to keep it as real as possible till it becomes necessary to fake.

7. Please Orgasm Fast, As It’s Almost Impossible To Ejaculate With All That Moaning!

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A lot of noises cause a distraction which makes it impossible to ejaculate for some guys. Though the scenario is different with every individual but makes sure if you had reached your peak, you slow down and turn down your voice so that your man can also get the happy ending he deserves.