Hola People. If sex is an institution, them kissing is the foundation of that. You can’t imagine makeout without it, unless, of course, you are humping a total perv, who just want to give his tool a satisfactory ride. Kissing is the most basic yet an unrivaled part of the play. after all, it leads you both to a happy ending.

Both, men and women love it. What’s not to love about kissing\, right? But if you want to hear the truth, there are things men really hate about kissing. Ummm! As exciting as that brushing of lips feels, there are things that do fall under the “ideal” category and men absolutely hate them.

Trying to catch your breath? Hold on there is more. Here are a few things that men really hate about kissing.

1. They Hate It When You Shove Your Tongue Down Their Throat.

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Don’t get him wrong here. He completely enjoys that tongue but shoving it too far can be a bit risky. You don’t want to choke him to death, do you? Be careful and make it more pleasurable.

2. Kissing Is Not Meant For Hours, Sex Is.

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Ladies, some of you are obsessed with kissing. It feels good and we get it, but, don’t you think he should enjoy it too. Kissing for too long will take his mind off the act and he might end up wondering about his laundry or other random things. You don’t want it to be less passionate, do you?

3. Chapped Lips Are Turn Off.

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It really matters and it is one of the most common things that men really hate about kissing. They hate sucking those chapped lips. Just try and keep them nourished as much as you can. Ever heard of a lip balm, try it.

4. Bad Breath Makes Him Go Eww!

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Well, this one applies to both (if it doesn’t, that’s gross). There are mints and gums and mouth fresheners, go get them and keep your breath clean. You don’t want to ruin your chances of getting an absolutely amazing time. Think of it.

5. Not Kissing Back.

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It feels terrible when a man smacks his lips against his partner and she stands there as a dead plant. It’s just not fair. Like it or don’t return the favor (not in a forceful situation though).

Other than these things, make sure you have your hair styled just right so that they don’t get in between your faces. Men do check if your eyes are open or close, keep that in mind.


14 November 2017
Avni S. Singh