5 Sex Tricks Women Should Try Before Hitting 30!

Age may be an issue of mind over matter but when it comes to sex, keeping age of your body is a wise decision. All that strength slowly weakens with age, so be wise and make your sex life as awesome as you can,  while you still got that zeal, stamina and strength left in you.

Pleasure during physical intercourse is highly dependable upon the number of horizons you expand. From the time when your body starts sensing all those turn ons and you start turning into the sexual unicorn, you learn a lot about your body and sex. Women mostly spend their early twenties finding G-spot and orgasm-inducing tricks but there are so many other things that they miss out.

So Dear Ladies, here is a list of 5 tricks that will make your pleasure session greater than ever and you should definitely try these tricks out to ensure a great sex life.

1. Watch Yourself While You Rub That Pink Flower.


Make love to yourself and believe me there are many reasons to do that. The more sex you will have with yourself the more you will crave for so make your best friend ‘Mirror’, a companion and masturbate while looking at yourself. You will feel more confident about it as you will see what your partner sees when you both shag each other. Also, you will see that how your body respond to various touch.

2. Foreplay Is Your Right To Ask.


A lot of women don’t ask for Foreplay because they think they will be perceived as too demanding. Flush that thought out of your mind. Foreplay can set and turn thing on like anything and while you are still young and happening you can get as creative as you want so no, and I mean never back down when it comes to Foreplay. Just instruct him to do whatever you want and you will find that he is enjoying more than you do.

3. Rub It Even During Sex


I know it sounds like the most known trick in the world but most women don’t try it. Masturbating while getting boned is not a new trick but women tend to ignore it oftenly. Make your own pleasure priority and you will find that sex is more satisfying not only for you but also for him as you will want to have more and he will be happy to take another ride.

4. Don’t Shut Your Eyes While Orgasm!


Usually when women orgasm, they close their eyes because they feel overwhelmed with pleasure but next time try keeping your eyes open. Look into his eyes when you orgasm as it will make you both feel more connected to each other and ahem it is erotic as hell.

5. Outdoor Sex Should Be On Board!


Nailing each other inside those four walls is definitely satisfying but outdoor sex adds excitement to it. You discover that you had many hidden sensations as you feel more close to nature and having it out in open tricks your brain to think that it is more enjoyable.

So ladies, whatever you have been doing till now, include these tricks to your sex life and make it fantabulous.