10 Reasons Why Most Men Can’t Handle A Deep Woman!

A deep woman is hard to find but she is even harder to love. The deeper her heart is, the harder it becomes for her to find a soulmate who suffice her relationship needs. She can meet new people every now and then, go on dates, have a basic relationship but at some point, her attention starts to deviate as the intensity of her depth do not match with the person who is hollow.

While most men scare to admit that they can’t handle a deep woman, truth is, that they absolutely can’t because it is more than just dating or having a relationship with any girl on this planet. A deep woman is more than she appears on outside and it takes a lot of patience, courage and understanding to build a relationship with her as she desires a deep relationship.

Here Are 10 Reasons Why Most Men Can’t Handle A Deep Woman!

1. She Asks Deep Questions

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A deep woman is not someone who will take things lightly, she will dive deep into your life and ask questions about your life that you have never thought of answering to anyone. She will dig deeper than what’s available on the outer surface because a shallow conversation is not something she is looking for, instead, she will look for the depth in your heart and soul.

2. She Is Honest.

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Most deep women are perceived as brutal and blunt but that’s not reality. To be honest is a question of integrity for a deep woman and she takes it way too seriously than you can imagine. She can tell you the filthiest truth about herself and she will expect same in return.

3. She Knows Her Wants!

women in bedWhile shallow women stay confused about what they want or rather who they want, a deep woman knows about her wants completely. She doesn’t need persuasion into liking you, she will never choose to date around and decide from many options. Her heart knows right away if she likes a person or not and there will be no doubt about it.

4. She Looks For A Deep Relationship

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Rather than going on movies and meaningless dates, she will sit with you and have a long conversation about your life, childhood and many other things that are important to you. She wants to know it all to understand your better. She would try to be your best companion whether it’s pain or happiness. She wants a relationship that has a strong foundation and feels real than just fun.

5. She Embraces Intimacy

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A deep woman will never be afraid of getting closer to her partner. For her depth and intimacy go hand in hand and she will risk it even it means getting hurt in the process. She will always embrace the beauty of intimacy.

6. She Will See Through You

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As I mentioned above, she wants to know all about you. A deep woman will be aware of your strengths and weaknesses. She will see through you so deep that at times it may make you feel uncomfortable but don’t worry, all she is doing is understanding you better and making you comfortable around her. She wants you to be himself around her.

7. She Wants Consistency

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A negligible or flaky behaviour drives her away. She wants a strong connection and she needs you to maintain it perfectly. She wants consistent attention, bond, love and care. If a person fails to be consistent in a relationship with a deep woman, it turns her off as she will never entertain someone just for dating pleasure.

8. She Is Intense

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A deep woman may seem dominating or intimidating but it is only because she does everything with intensity. Her emotions are extreme and so are her actions. Her intense behaviour can’t be understood or handled by a person who has never met a deep person.

9. She Loves Deeply

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Casual dating is not her cup of tea, she knows how to love deeply and she wants her partner to love her back as deep as she does. If a person is unable to love her deep, she will walk right away. She will detach herself from the person who is not willing to love her as she wants.

10. She Won’t wait For You.

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It doesn’t mean she isn’t loyal but she is strong enough to let go. If she sensed that you are hesitant about her, she will refuse to invest emotionally into the relationship and without wasting her time she will move forward. Remember she is looking for deep and special love and she won’t stay until she finds one. She will choose to live alone rather than having a shallow relationship.

  • Abhishek Mahajan

    Decent topic to write on but photos of physical intimacy in almost every bullet. You are almost suggesting unintentionally or intentionally that the hallmark of a deep woman is her open sexuality.

    • Sam Pensive

      She had better be open or i’m the one who is walking away.