Tattoos are considered to be one of the best ways a person can decide to express themselves to the world, or something permanent that they could remember for the rest of their life, or anything else. And, while some put a lot of thought into getting a tattoo, there are some who don’t really feel like that.

It’s not always necessary to get something very deep or influencing tattooed, one can actually go with anything they want, only and if only they’re ready to live through them for their entire lives.

But there’s a fact that we all should learn to live by now, and that’s, people are dumb and more often than not, they do dumb and embarrassing things. We, in fact, have some really solid proof of these dumb and embarrassing things that people have done in the past, only they can’t get rid of them anytime soon.

There are some people who decided to get some of the most embarrassing tattoos on themselves and they will immediately make you think twice before getting one for yourself.

Check them out here:

1. When you don’t have any sense of direction in life.

2. There are some people who love six pack of beer more than anything else in this life.

3. The good old spelling mistakes.

4. The good old spelling mistakes, part-2.

5. This will definitely be a regret for this man, for a long time.

6. The person who got this wobbly tiger inking was surprised that the tattoo artist had only been in the job for two weeks – although others were not.

7. This will ruin the McDonald’s clown for your forever.

8. Not a great portrait to get tattooed, but okay.

9. Ahh!! The typos.

10. This tattoo based on a meme, which is meant to read ‘I will show you de way’, is rather less funny considering the typo.

11. And, here’s the concoction of the most cliche things people usually get tattooed on themselves.

Jyotsna Amla