Which Are The Best Sling Bags For Women In India In 2023?

There’s never really that day in the life of a fashion conscious ady where she’d step out of the house sans being perfectly dressed. Moreover, she’d pay heed to hitting the jackpot not only in terms of the looks department but the vital adornments that complete her look.

And where it comes to completing the look of the modern, outgoing, urban woman, then few things can be as handy as that elegant sling bag.

There’s never really been a better time to don the sling bag than now.

That said, which are the best sling bags for women in the Indian market?


Making one of the smoothest transitions ever from being a renowned watchmaker into the fashion ensemble, Fastrack is truly a force to reckon with.

A bit understated with its fashionable creations that are never screaming for attention, Fastrack is noted for creating one of the most sought after or best sling bags for women at the moment in the country.

And just if in case you haven’t quite figured it out yet, it’s time you do.

What’s rather interesting to note is that the Fastrack sling bags are made of polyurethane, the key material or base that makes them not just lightweight, but also durable.

Typically speaking, what makes the Fastrack sling bags a touch different from those of other brands is that these are a bit bigger in size and hence loaded with a bit more space than what one tends to generally find in the market. Additionally, they’ve made a space for themselves as being the go-to choice for women especially during casual outings.


Not just for bags, but even footwear: Mochi is pretty much ordained to serve a classy and glamorous audience with feminine creations that are good to carry and serve much needed utility.

A brand that, for the lack of better expression, is quite thriving in different parts of India, Mochi makes renowned and durable bags, which include some of the best sling bags for women in the country.

Mochi’s sling bags have a touch of difference; they are lightweight and yet, at the same time- durable.

That being said, most of the sling bags are accompanied by a golden chain that is strongly built and besides, cuts a rather elegant portrait on the whole.

Over the past several months, women donning Mochi sling bags have become a recurring sight in evening soirees and events, which is where one wishes to stand out with respect to one’s sense of style!

These lightweight bags that have a golden buckle right in the front make them a must-have in terms of an exquisite women’s only possession.

Van Heusen

Whether it’s apparel, fashion accessories or even the underclothing, Van Heusen has a combination of elegance and flair at the same time that makes the brand founded originally in 1881 such a rave hit.

It’s continued success in the dominant fashion space has been marked by its acquisition of not only famous brands such as Calvin Klein but also Tommy Hilfiger.

And now, it is the sling bags by Van Heusen that have become such a standout for the women moved by glamour!

Though its sling bags are actually made by a synthetic material, the same has a premium feel to it, which makes the sling bags quite attractive.

Where it comes to overall design, then the sling bags have left enough scope for spaciousness on the insides; the bags come with sufficient compartment space for you to carry all your essentials.

At the end of the day, isn’t that what one wants- design and utility in a good looking form?


It’s needless to say that one of the best sling bags for women in India at this point in time is what Baggit has to offer. The famous brand that has, in some ways, become an iconic one having made its way into the women’s arms and eventually, into their cupboards was launched in 1990 by Nina Lekhi.

It is now being recognised as luxury handbag brand, with an incessant focus on great design and eventual affordability.

Perhaps that goes to explain as to why the sling bags made by Baggit are considered to be such a rave nowadays.

But that said, just what goes into making the sling bags so popular? For starters, the bags are, essentially speaking, soft satchel bags that use cruelty-free but premium material.

These bags not only feature a zipper closure but also a flap to cover the zip, which ultimately adds to the overall look.

With multiple compartments and spacious insides, this really is a bag to cherish.


Think of some of the best sling bags for women at the moment and think of Caprese. The two divergent statements are quite relatable and fulfilling to one other.

But then how’s that? Just what about Caprese has made the brand what it is today; something utterly desirable for the modern trendy urban fashion-oriented woman?

For starters, the brand that was launched back in 2012, has constantly sat amongst the very best in the utterly competitive fashion space in the country year after year.

Offering a wide range of products actually makes the brand compete with some of the other and even bigger names in the ladies bag industry.

Typically speaking, it’s sling bags are based on high quality faux leather that not only looks but feels premium. Moreover, a standard addition in every sling bag is a metal plate branding on the zip with the brand’s logo engraved right in the centre.

The trendy sling belt gets the bag the overall completeness in terms of look and there you have it- a premium albeit comfy sling bag that becomes quite irresistible for the women.

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