Budapest has a lot to offer and we will show you what you absolutely must see and the best things to do in Budapest. Budapest is divided into two parts, Buda and Pest, by the Danube. We have therefore divided the overview of our most beautiful Budapest sights into these two districts.

Buda is located west of the Danube and is the smaller of the two districts of Budapest. On the Buda side, historical sights in the castle district, famous thermal baths and the most beautiful views in Budapest awaits you.

Spa and Wellness

Spa and wellness in Budapest
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Budapest is considered the wellness capital and called the City of Spas. You should definitely visit one of the many baths and enjoy the healing thermal water. Your trip will certainly be incomplete without spa because it is one of the most famous things to do in Budapest. Budapest has natural indoor and outdoor pools, a sauna and spa area and in summer there are special bathing parties for everyone.

The ruined bars of Budapest

Things to do in Budapest
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Budapest is famous for these ruined bars because from the outside these bars look like abandoned houses, but as soon as you enter, you will find a retro world made up of colorful furniture, bare brick walls, idiosyncratic art objects and fairytale-like lighting effects.

Danube cruise with dinner

Fun things to do in Budapest
Budapest river cruise

Enjoy a Hungarian buffet with a drink of your choice upon an evening Danube cruise and let yourself be enchanted by live music and the beautiful view. The highlight is certainly the Széchenyi chain bridge, which is illuminated after sunset. The imposing parliament building is also a feast for the eyes. Click a few photos with this magnificent building serving as a backdrop.

Live music and Concert

Music festivals in Budapest

The Budapest music culture is thriving and contagious. Budapest has musical events in the strangest of places like the A38, a large, gray ship on the Buda shore, which used to serve as a barge, but which today hosts whole concerts. Be sure to stop by the Hungarian State Opera because it gives you a rare opportunity to listen to classical sounds relatively cheaply in royal surroundings.

The Heroes’ Square

Things not to miss in Budapest

In Budapest, you will find many parks and public spaces that loosen up the cityscape. One of the most photographed places in Budapest is undoubtedly The Heroes’ Square. It is dedicated to those heroes who have lost their lives for Hungary’s freedom. There are also numerous attractions around the square, including a large and beautiful city park.

Shopping and snacking in the Central Market Hall

Food and shopping in Budapest

The Great Market Hall, which was built between 1894 and 1897, is in the immediate vicinity of the Liberty Bridge and Corvinus University of Economics. The Central Market Hall invites you to try and buy traditional Hungarian products. This large covered market has everything from chocolate to spices and clothes to classic Hungarian souvenirs. There are numerous food stalls and restaurants on the second floor, so be sure to try a popular dish like Goulash.

Climb the Schlossberg

best places to visit in Budapest
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The popular Castle Hill(Varhegy) is known as the heart of the Buda district and houses the most important sights of the city. You can either climb the Schlossberg on foot or relax in a funicular to visit Buda Castle and enjoy a beautiful view of the entire city. The castle was built in 1265 and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There is also a maze below for you and the children to enjoy.

Discover the Jewish Quarter

Best place to visit in Budapest

Dohány Street Synagogue in Budapest is the largest synagogue in Europe and the second-largest in the world. The Jewish Museum is also in the same building complex. In the Jewish Quarter, there is also a lot to discover or try, apart from the spectacular attractions, because there are some delicious bakeries that offer excellent cakes and of course kosher foods.

Wine Tasting with your Love

Places to visit in Budapest
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How about a romantic evening in a wine cellar, where you can taste some of the best Hungarian wines? You should especially try the famous Tokaji wine. You can not only taste good wines in a humid atmosphere but also learn a lot about the Hungarian wine culture.

Discover the Caves

Discover caves in Budapest

The Budapest caves are calling, grab your flashlight and Go. A 100 km long cave network lies under the city, which was shaped by thermal water millions of years ago. The Szemlő Mountain Cave is easy to reach from the city center. With its beautiful mineral formations, it is one of the most beautiful cave systems in Europe. Dress up in warm clothes during a visit because the temperature is only 11 Degrees Celsius all year round down there.

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