It seems like Khan Academy is taking education to the level which has been missing since ages. Today’s education is all about making slaves or basically teaching things to make sure that current industries will have a supply of manpower. However, in ancient civilizations Education was all about exploring self and accepting, exploring self and nature. If you are a parent or a student please understand that education helps in making better future and should be loved these days if you choose to become a doctor and you don’t get a seat in medical college then why a major shift to engineering, you can choose to fields of Homoeopathy, Ayurveda, veterinary etc. One needs to understand the basic passion towards a subject.

Thanks to some young budding entrepreneurs and teachers that they are busy in making education the worth it deserves. Watch how beautifully you will fall in love with BIOLOGY.

Biology Overview by Khan Academy has shown what it takes to love a subject, when I was in school I remember ‘biology’ used to fascinate me, however due to force and pressure(scores, grades, more than some xyz percentage), RATTAFICATION was the norm and thus it eventually took me away from it as I can’t do mindless memorization without understanding. The trauma is every student goes through this pain and agony.

Hope after watching this video you know why you will fall in love with biology. This video is a must watch for students above 12 years.

15 Mar 2015

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