Software development is a field that has risen steadily over the years and continues to evolve as time goes by. And as for Microsoft, it provides many certifications and exams that confirm different sorts of skills of the software developers. One of these credentials is MCSA: Web Applications, which measures the candidate’s technical skills in the C# language, mobile apps, Visual Studio, .NET, and Framework 4.5. Gaining this knowledge and having such a prestigious badge gives you the opportunity to take the position of a web administrator or a web developer.

Microsoft MCSA-70-483

However, there is no gain without pain. To obtain this associate-level certificate, the students should pass two exams. They need to take 70-486 and choose between 70-480 and Microsoft MCSA 70-483 Practice Test Questions. In this post, we will take into consideration the second variant (70-486 + 70-483) and explore Microsoft 70-483 in more detail.

Microsoft 70-483: Prerequisites

Microsoft 70-483 is a certification based exam mainly on the applicants’ understanding of the C# programming language.. It is ideal for those individuals who want to become the software development experts. This test is from the associate-level track, so you don’t need to have mandatory experience in programming.

Some of the candidates may have a year of experience in programming essential business logic for a variety of hardware and software platforms or application types that are using C#. But, on the other hand, all the exam topics will cover the necessary knowledge to teach you certain skills. However, if you are unsure of your current level of knowledge, you may always start with one of the 70-483 VCE certificates. They cover the foundational IT skills.

The 70-483 testgives a chance to any aspiring app developer to gain skills in developing mobile and website apps, as well as developing other software. The candidates should have a thorough understanding of the following:

  • Asynchronous programming and threading;
  • Competence in managing events and flow;
  • Data validation and efficient data collection operations, including LINQ.

Microsoft 70-483: Exam objectives

Microsoft 70-483 is based on four objectives that you need to master. The test evaluates the learner’s knowledge and skills in the following areas:

  • Creating and Using Types – 25-30%;
  • Managing Program Flow – 25-30%;
  • Implementing Data Access – 25-30%;
  • Debugging Applications and Implementing Security – 25-30%.

To ace all these domains and their subtopics, Microsoft recommends a whole list of various prep options. The company offers a 5-day instructor-led training course for those who want to ask questions and get professional answers. You can also go for the self-paced training that covers Microsoft’s managed C-style language for.NET Framework.

You can also buy some books via the Microsoft Press Store or Amazon and take a mock test. There is also an opportunity to join a community forum to discuss all the possible issues with other candidates and those who have already passed the Microsoft 70-483 exam with flying colours.

Microsoft MCSA Exam

As an additional source, you can visit the ExamSnap website to purchase the premium bundle for Microsoft 70-483 that contains 99 video lectures, a study guide, and 283 practise questions with answers to check your knowledge level. You can even find some free braindumps and get an exam simulator for them. These dumps will help you identify any weak spots to improve them before the real test takes its place.

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Microsoft 70-483 : Exam format

Microsoft 70-483 is provided in several languages, which includes English, simplified Chinese, German, French, Portuguese, and Russian. It contains about 40-60 questions of different types and the time that you will have for the completion of all these questions is 120 minutes.

Possible formats that may come in this certification exam include but not limited to simulations, virtual labs, case study, build list, drag and drop, active screen, and hot area. Of course, the most common type is multiple choice where you can deal with single or multiple answers. There are usually 3 case studies with the first one consisting of about 4 questions. The second case study often comes with about 5 questions and the third one usually has about 6 questions.

Microsoft MCSA 70-483 Exam

Please note that the format of the Microsoft exams, including the number of questions and question types, can change at any time without notice. This is because Microsoft updates their program regularly. Since this is usually done without notice, the learners preparing for theirtest should keep on checking the official website to find out if there are any changes regarding the format.

The passing score for all the Microsoft certification exams, including 70-483, is 700 out of 1000. Please note that there is no extra credit for those individuals who have scored more than this mark. All the candidates who get 700 points and above are grouped into the same category, which is “Pass”. However, you need to know that during your test run you may score much more points than it might eventually be in the real exam. That is why try to get at least 850 points.

Microsoft 70-483 : Registration

To register for the 70-483 certification test, you can simply click on the “Schedule Exam” button on the Microsoft webpage. You will be redirected to the Pearson VUE platform to set a date. To apply for this test, you will also need to create an account on Pearson VUE.

If you already have one, the registration process begins with a login. Then you need to select the “Proctored Exams” option and enter ‘70-483’ to be redirected to this test. After that, the applicants will be given the required instructions to complete the process.


Microsoft 70-483 is an important exam than any individual who wants to be proficient in the C# language and app development should take. Passing this test is the perfect option to becoming a certified expert in this sector. It demonstrates your competence in providing business software solutions, and this expertise can be really valuable for any company.

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