The study of handwriting is known as graphology. From ages, it has been used for multiple purposes. Psychologists have been studying Handwriting for years to figure out the characteristics and traits of people. They have been studying what distinguishes people from each other according to their Handwriting.

Graphology has been used to understand whether a couple is compatible for each other or not and in fact sometimes it has been used to understand the psyche of criminals. We know this may come as a surprise to you all but your handwriting says about you a lot.

Here Are The 9 Things That Your Handwriting Says About You:

1. Size Of Letters

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The size of the letter you write tells a lot about you. If you write tiny letters then you are a timid personality. If your letters are bigger then you are outgoing, confident and attention seeking personality.

2. Dotting Your ‘i’


The way of dot ‘i’ while writing says volumes about your personality. If you put a high dot then you are imaginative but if you make a circle you have  a child-like personality.  Only organized and empathetic people make a firm dot. Isn’t that fascinating?

3. Crossing Your ‘t’?

If you cross ‘t’ a little longer then you are a focused and determined person but if you make a short  cross on the letter T then you are lazy.

4. Making A Capital I

When you are writing about yourself and you write capital ‘I’ then you are happy with yourself. You may be your favorite person. If you make short ‘I’ then you may not find yourself that appealing.

5. If  Signature Is Not Legible. 

If your signature is really hard to understand then you are an extremely private person. You are very hard to understand and people will never guess what is going on in your mind.

6. If  Signature Is Legible.

If people can read your signature easily then you are confident about yourself . You probably hate pretending as you are very comfortable in your skin.

7. If You Write Quickly Or Slowly

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If you are a fast writer then it means that you are highly impatient and time wasters turn you off. If you write slowly then you are  organized, methodical and independent.

8. Making An Open ‘o’ Or Closed One?

If you write an  open ‘o’  then you are a talkative person who has a very little secrecy. If you make a closed ‘o’ then you share limited details and you are secretive.

9. Pen Pressure

While writing if you put a lot of pressure while using a pen or pencil then you are a committed personality and if you put light pressure then you are sensitive and empathetic.

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28 May 2016
Avni S.Singh

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