7 Essential Tips To Improve Your Writing Style!

The world appreciates a great piece of writing. Writers, much like actors, inventors and entrepreneurs, have long been revered and quoted. We remember everyone- whether the Sonnets of Shakespeare, the musings of Sylvia Plath, the ballads of Elvis, the Xmas songs of Sinatra or the moving works of Jim Morrison.

Their famous works have outlived time and passed on from a generation to another. Perhaps it won’t be incorrect to suggest that they won’t die down with the passage of time.

But here’s the truth- everyone wishes to be great at writing. To be impressive.

Whether it is your social circle or the core professional group, you simply stand out for possessing a great writing style.

While many may reason that not everyone after all can be a great writer, it’s not that writing cannot be practiced.

Likewise, it’s not that one cannot cultivate the habit of writing well and wholesome for there are plenty of tips to improve your writing style.

For now, let’s make time for the following:

Write Daily

To some- it may seem like a cliche. To most others- it may be just the thing the doctor ordered. But the truth is that one ought to write on a daily basis and this is no flimsy advice; rather it is counted among the best tips to improve your writing style.

After all, how difficult is it to understand that practice makes a man perfect. And while perfection in writing may seem like a long road after all, improvement may be attained by practicing regularly.

Share your work with professional writers

Writing a good piece of work- be it an essay, short story or even a poem does not reflect the full picture unless and until one gets out of the area of comfort and begins to share a sample with proper experts.

Difficult to understand, is it?

For instance, you are a committed or passionate sports writer who’s only just begun. You wish to colour the sport crazy world with dollops of your creativity in a bid to etch the next big professional lesson in your journey.

Now, it ought to be asked what could be better other than sharing what you have written with subject matter experts out there who could be in a position to establish its true worth and concreteness?

Getting feedback is the critical step towards improvement. Yet, at the same time, it’s also important to remember in today’s overtly critical world that one simply cannot please everyone or stay true to everybody’s expectations.

Practice and share your work but don’t get disheartened.

Work on your grammar

I will go there yesterday. I am went to their house. They have already went. Poor grammar can spoil content and ruin writing in ways that one simply cannot imagine. It cannot be entertained at any cost. Not for a million plus dollars. Therefore, what’s of foremost importance is to ensure that your grammar component is unfalteringly good.

Not only will it give you profound respect from your peers, the fraternity in which you operate will take you and your work seriously.

Truth be told, poor grammar in writing is akin to running a vehicle on low fuel and hoping to climb the peaks.

Read out your work loud

This indeed is one of the best tips to improve your writing. The main purpose behind reading your work out loud is to spot clumsy sentences or as they say, clumsy sentence structuring in your work.

This practice enables you to stumble onto an error or two that you may have made perhaps in haste or in a bid to write quickly whilst trying to entertain timelines.

Try to learn a word each day

Repertoire. That’s the thing that most care about; provided one is serious about her or his work. And what could possibly be better other than adding some important substance to one’s repertoire as a writer.

On that note, learning about a new word extends one’s knowledge beautifully. The key, however, on this note is to see to it that one does so on a daily basis.

After all, having a versatile vocabulary is the key ingredient to improving one’s overall knowledge and excelling as a writer.

A wide vocabulary not only leads to amazing writing but also shapes us the orator in an individual.

In everyday parlance, we see excellent orators such as Shashi Tharoor of India captivating mass audiences thanks to that exuberantly good looking vocabulary.

It helps one stand out.

Read as much as you can

One of the best tips to improve your writing style is to stay abreast of others’ work and be in the know of what is being written by those who inspire you or those responsible for bits of work that is appealing to you.

Moreover, it has been found that great writers are those who read a lot and stay well informed about the literary world and other subject areas.

Reading allows you to be aware of different writing styles. It enhances self expression and adds a sense of flair and creativity to one’s craft.

As a writer who is willing to improve, who wouldn’t want that?

Keep it brief

When you are a writer, suddenly everybody offers you tips and advice and very often, in liberal doses. Yet, truth be told, one of the best tips to improve your writing style is to say a lot more by stating less.

After all, philosophy dictates that ‘less is more’.

Is it not?

More will get attracted to the richness and power of your writing when you say what ought to be conveyed without beating around the bush and possess a sense of clarity.

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