Hate Story 3 has already become the talk of the town. Only Karan Singh is one who had experience of doing such steaming scenes on screen, but the rest of the cast Sharman Joshi, Zareen Khan and Daisy Shah are all virgins in this department. Hate Story 3 is the entirely new experience for these 3.

Zareen, Daisy and Karan just revealed the secret how they shot such hot and vibrating scenes on screen. They talk about their preparations and what it took to shoot these scenes that make them so steamy but not vulgar.

Watch Them Talk About Sex Scenes Here:

Isn’t it pretty cool? They all are professionals and they have talked like a true artist. Now you know that it is difficult to shoot and emote the act when 50 to 100 eyeballs are watching you. Selling a movie with lust/sex theme and making it appealing at the same time requires a lot of effort.

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22 Nov 2015
Avni S. Singh



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