What Are The Chances Of Seeing Salman Khan In No Entry Mein Entry?

2005, truth be told, was an interesting year for films worldwide. While on the one hand, movies like Keanu Reeves’s Constantine, Steven Spielberg’s Munich and Tom Cruise’s War Of The Worlds kept audiences strapped to the box office seat in high octane action, miles away from the starlit world of American movies, Bollywood was dishing out one spectacular entertainer after another.

You say 2005 in the context of Hindi movies and you are instantly reminded of smash hits like Bunty and Babli, Salaam Namaste, Kaal and the widely acclaimed Parineeta. But that wasn’t all; films like No Entry offered a soothing and fun loving undertone to what was a dramatic and big year for Indian movies.

Now you say No Entry and you instantly get reminded of the man whom the country is in ‘Prem’ with; the man girls love, men adore and the world does Prem with- Salman Khan.

It’s been seventeen years since this crazy, one-of-a-kind RomCom splashed on our screens and made us flirt with the idea of being an intrepid flirt. Friends connected for life constantly falling for girls left right and centre with the painstaking trouble of not letting their wives get into their way made a funny way into our hearts.

And it won’t be incorrect to state that we may never have seen No Entry gather the whirlwind response it did had it not been for the fabulous comic timing of Anil Kapoor and the masculine charm of Salman Khan.

Several years have passed since the famous Boney Kapoor directed venture that captured our hearts panned out beautifully on the big screen, but one thing has stood out. It’s the question whether a second production following the mega success that No Entry became was on its way; would it ever be made, and if so- then when?

Now, finally, it appears that there’s some plausible answer instead of a random response, one often perpetrated to gather headlines.

The maker of one of the most loved romantic comedies of all time in Bollywood Boney Kapoor himself has an answer.

Stating in no uncertain terms about the gravitas and big screen presence that only a Salman Khan can lend to the project, Kapoor shared that No Entry Mein Entry can only be made with the mega Khan.

As a matter of fact, there was some news flowing from the film world of Bombay last year around Salman Khan’s birth anniversary (December 27) that the sequel to No Entry would definitely be made and would feature India’s favourite “Bhai.”

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Now having said that, the following is what Boney Kapoor had to say on the subject of Salman Khan’s participation in No Entry Mein Entry, which is the name of the confirmed sequel:

Boney Kapoor also claimed that No Entry Mein Entry is better than the first film. The producer added, “The No Entry Mein Entry script that I have is better than the No Entry one. It is 10 times funnier than No Entry, but the film to be made completely depends on Salman, it can be made only with him.”

That being said, it’s also been said that much like the original madcap of a film, No Entry Mein Entry will also feature two members from the prominent cast of its predecessor: Anil Kapoor and Fardeen Khan.

Lastly, since No Entry was such a laugh riot, can its much-anticipated successor pack a punch too?

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