Why Kriti Sanon Doesn’t Feel Comfortable In A Two Piece!

Gorgeous, young, talented and attractive. Kriti Sanon is all this and more. There are many actresses who have the looks but can’t act, as they say. Then there are some who have the looks and can act but don’t quite have that killer drooler figure. Finally, there’s Kriti Sanon, who’s good looking, attractive and has a figure, at least, eight in ten, would call hot. Moreover, she can act and do a great job at that.

Her latest Mimi, the 2021-released Laxman Utekar directed film just gave us all a glimpse into the talent that’s Kriti Sanon. Not that previous movies like Pati Patni aur Woh and Bareilly Ki Barfi weren’t good tellers of Kriti Sanon’s acting talent, but Mimi was just a different level altogether.

Yet, if there’s a thing that Kriti Sanon hasn’t quite done so far and not seemed comfortable doing, then it’s showing much skin.

Actually, that particular element about film making and actresses that makes them what they are and unfortunately (or fortunately from the audiences’ point of view), goes a long way to define the success of an individual, there’s no skin showing as such with Kriti Sanon.

Source: Instagram/KritiSanon

And that’s been the case so far, as one understands. Not that all of it cannot be- or must be- changed, her fans may want to know why that is.

To be specific, why’s Kriti Sanon never been seen, for instance, in a two piece swimsuit.

Not that calling a bikini or bathing suit or a swimsuit changes anything as such, it does however, once adorned, add a layer of unputdownable attractiveness to an actress.

And yet, none, up until today knew why that is. Why’s it that Kriti Sanon, who’s got everything going for her never got into a situation where she’s made to wear a two piece swimsuit or bikini.

Could it be that there’s something that only Hulk Hogan and Kriti know, the former, a man mountain and wrestling champion of the world, who who in lighter vein worse bikinis for men and that too, minus a top long before Kriti Sanon was born?

But lame jokes be caste aside, here’s what the good looking actress who was once a student at the Jaypee Institute of Information Technology had to say about herself, her trying days all of which allude to the fact that she’s not comfortable wearing a bikini on the screen:

Talking about her days of struggle, Kriti had once told Hindustan Times in an interview, “There were days when I was annoyed and irritated. On some days, I used to cry, because there was nothing to keep me busy. There were also times when I met a few people who told me that something was not right about me — someone told me, ‘You’re too good-looking. There has to be some sort of imperfection in you to look real on screen.’ I think I did feel low, but at the same time, I did have people who believed in me a lot. That’s what you need. I think that gave me a little more confidence.”

The above told, whether or not Kriti Sanon wears a two-piece eventually, what’ll most matter is that her acting can piece together a broken script and offer a feel of cool and hotness where there’s none.

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