What Is Going To Happen To Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathan?

For an actor who made a name for himself starring in big budget movies that mostly had romance at the heart, Shah Rukh Khan aka SRK is no longer the same fish floating in the pond. Nor is he some angry shark wanting to prove his detractors wrong. He’s a man of his own class, substance and style.

Now even as some of his recent films may not have necessarily rung the right notes on the big bad box office, there’s one thing that simply can’t be denied. It’s one thing that is also pretty evident on the horizon.

And to put it quite simply, it’s that Shah Rukh Khan- King Khan to some, Pathan to the others- has been trying to broaden his craft. Been trying different roles. He’s been attempting to cater to a different audience base, one that’s not necessarily down to liking the genre we all know SRK is the king of.

And an attempt to cater to this romance meets drama meets action genre is his next: Pathan!

SRK, as it turns out, was clearly worried about the status of his son, who until recently, had been imprisoned, caught up in the drugs saga. But now that Shah Rukh’s son is back, the mega successful Bollywood actor can go back to focusing on his work again.

Pathan, a Yash Raj Production, is his next feature film, a movie project that could not see the evergreen, Bollywood’s “King of heart” take to the stuff in front of the camera. So now that the things are good, how soon can we see Pathan rolling up and getting complete?

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While, the exact or precise date of the up and coming film’s release is not yet known and one can’t say anything for certain related to it, here’s what a well known trade publication had to say on the issue:

The source further states that there are some unseen locales of Spain which have been finalised for the shoot, “Seville, Majorca, Cardez, Jerez De La Frontera, Valldemosa, Riad Lolita Tarif are some of the shortlisted places. These are locations where no Bollywood film has shot earlier. The team of Pathan will be shooting two romantic songs including the lead pair SRK and Deepika Padukone.”

Apart from the romantic songs, there are some action sequences which will also be shot in Spain. “A new international action director is being roped in for choreographing the actions sequences. Apart from Shah Rukh, John Abraham, who plays an antagonist, is also going to be a part of the shoot. The entire unit is prepping for the schedule. The VFX of the film is going to be jointly done by YRF’s visual effect studio yFX and Red Chillies VFX,” the source adds.

Having said that, it will be interesting to see as to what might be the nature of some of the next, yet to be released Shah Rukh Khan movies. What genre might he try to focus on and what kind of movies would the glorious romantic hero of Bollywood put his energies into. Watch this space for more.

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