Vivek Oberoi’s Insights Into Bollywood Being An Exclusive Club Speak Volumes About What It Truly Is!

There’s a popular theory that we’ve come to hear about life and what it takes to succeed to make something of it. And it’s that for as long as one has merit and the necessary talent and capability, all will be fine and well and on the right track.

But is that actually true? Rather, to rephrase it- is the thing about merit and capability universally applicable to all industries? Or, could it be that what tends to work, more often than not- sadly speaking- are things like influence and the fact that if one has the backing and support of a certain lot in an spectre such as entertainment and films, then one can go a long way even as one doesn’t have that much talent.

If the latter is actually true, as what one notes, then could that be the reason as to why some become victims of the favouritsim that, time and again, tends to work in the sphere of influence some enjoy in the film line vis-a-vis others? And if yes, then could that have led to the downfall of many a talented performer whilst the rise of most others who may not necessarily be as blessed as the ones with a backing?

Shedding light on all of this and more, famous Bollywood actor Vivek Oberoi, who we’ve seen in films such as Sathiya, Masti, Grand Masti, Darna Mana Hai, Kaal and others had some rather telling observations. His experiences and thoughts concern an industry, where despite all these years, despite fronting many big movies as a solo actor, his hasn’t been a runaway success story.

So what did Vivek Oberoi say and does that truly define the nature of the film world in India:

In his exclusive interaction with the Hindustan Times, the following is what Vivek Oberoi was able to share on an industry and its conduct that sorts of typifies what Bollywood is actually about, basis what we have heard vis-a-vis what we tend to make of it. The gap, if one were to speak between what it is and what we tend to make of it:

“One big complaint that I have against my industry is that we haven’t developed the nursery that nurtures young talent. It is difficult. We made it into this exclusive club where it is either surname or who you know or which lobby or which darbar you do a salaam at… that matters, not your talent. That’s unfortunate,” shared Vivek Oberoi.

In his insights, if one were to use that phrase, that Vivek Oberoi used to elaborate what the industry is about, he would also touch upon the subject of his recent OTP success: Inside Edge, sharing in no uncertain terms the following, :

When I did this show (Inside Edge), for the small women empowerment story that I have in my head, I requested Excel (producers Excel Entertainment) to put Richa Chadha’s name above mine. Even though technically, I have been in the industry longer than her, I said ‘no let it be starring Richa Chadha and then Vivek Oberoi. That is fine’ and that is something I celebrate.”

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