Urmila Matondkar Finally Reappears, But After Ages! Just Where Was She?

The holder of one of the most attractive faces as also among the most alluring smiles of all times, Urmila Matondkar is finally back. But the key question is this:

Where had Urmila Matondkar, the famous starlet of the nineties as also of the 2000s, been all this while? Does anyone among us have any answers?

Truth be told, there was a time where Urmila Matondkar was a part of nearly every big release on the Friday box office in India. Whether it was her low key and unassuming feature film called Mast, wherein she played a starlet (much like her actual profession in the real life) or the high octane, entertaining romedy Dillagi, where she played the love interest of brothers Sunny and Bobby Deol, it was hard to imagine a nineties Bollywood caper minus the hot and attractive Urmila Matondkar.

Isn’t that right? Together, along with actresses that loved to act and acted to love (their careers, their fans and movies), think Karishma Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor, Aishwarya Rai and Sushmita Sen, there was actually a time where it was thought that Urmila Matondkar was the best of a highly competitive lot.

Attractive, talented and importantly, someone blessed with a wonderful husky voice, Urmila Matondkar was, in some ways, the Martina Hingis of Bollywood!

Young, carefree, bold and yet, unafraid to express herself or form her career into cliches that weren’t so subtle after all. Urmila Matondkar, at best, personified a sense of absolute honesty and drop dead courage onto the big screen.

These were values a brother, father, lover, ex, and current flame or chick would have much liked to have inculcated from the talented Mast actress.

But having said that, when years after her Bollywood rise, the famous and very versatile Urmila Matondkar decided to recede to her own space, her own zone, there was just one and one question alone.

And it was that- what had happened to the happy go lucky girl and what became of her?

Was the cover girl of several, countless magazines done and dusted or as another medium of counter culture as also traditionally enticing magazines?

Now, after months together of her announcement, the famous old guard is back. But the task is enormous as ever. To know just what had actually happened to her.

Taking to her Twitter handle on Sunday, she announced the news and shared a video regarding the health update She wrote, “My report has come Covid negative, thanks to all your wishes and I am perfectly healthy. Please get vaccinated fast if you haven’t taken it yet. If you have taken only the first dose, then please take the second one too cause if you contract the virus after that then the symptoms for it are minimal. This is the only solution to fight Covid; it gives all the required strength”.

She added and urged the fans to get vaccinated and continue wearing masks.  Urmila wrote, “It still hasn’t gone from our world. Hence, it’s important that as a society, we fight it together. Please get vaccinated as soon as possible and don’t step out anywhere without masks.”

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