Did SRK Have A Life Changing Advice For Deepika Padukone?

Frankly speaking, it may not seem that way but a life led in front of the camera has more ifs and buts and harrowing moments than joy. It’s a life that is led in front of the people after all- is it not? More so where it comes to cinema stars or matinee idols. Yes, the perks of being a big film celebrity seem outreaching than the challenges of being one, but then the share of challenges that come with parting with one’s privacy and willingly sharing the keen moments on the celluloid are nothing that what we can imagine.

It’s the same for a legend of the screen such as Amitabh Bachchan. It’s not any different for the superstar SRK aka Shah Rukh Khan. And it’s quite the same whether you talk of a Katrina Kaif, an Alia Bhatt or the sassy Deepika Padukone.

Interestingly, not very long ago, one came across a rather interesting real life occurrence connecting the mighty King Khan or SRK as we know him and Deepika Padukone, fresh from a warm reception generated by her latest release “Gehraiyaan!”

As a matter of fact, SRK had a piece of advice that one could say was telling, very meaningful, life changing event for his Om Shaanti Om co-star Deepika. So here comes the most obvious question- just what was it after all?

What could Shah Rukh have possibly offered that became a learning lesson to the famous face behind movies like Cocktail, Piku, Bajirao Mastani?

Let’s dive into this immediately!

Film actresses, understandably so, have a lot of pressure on them. That’s not only because mega bucks are riding on them; the potential success or failure of a film is determined by just how good they look on screen- right? That being said, with an aim to strut their stuff and swoon the audiences, resorting to cosmetic surgeries in order to ‘uplift’ their physical appearance have become- over the years- a common phenomenon after all.

Against that background, things like having silicon implants have become an all too common a phenomenon where the glitzy filmdom is concerned. You probably already know a few actresses that have undergone surgical procedures to pronounce their assets. Deepika too, it could be said, was at the receiving end of advice that suggested her to move toward breast implants.

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Funnily, believe it or not, she was advised to get implants when the starlet wasn’t yet one and was barely 18 (in her modeling days).

But in a recent interview, she revealed how Shah Rukh Khan aka SRK stepped in and offered her a valuable advice that changed the course of her thinking. The following is what she exclaimed in an interview given to mainstream media:

Shah Rukh gives good advice and I got a lot from him. One of the most valuable pieces of advice I got from him was to always work with people you know you are going to have a good time with, because while you are making a movie you are also living life, making memories and creating experiences.”

Perhaps it could be said, listening to SRK would’ve have rubbed off well on the lanky actress who would’ve understood early on (and rightly so) that it’s better to be creative associated with people who accept you for what you are not for the cosmetic add ons that make you what you aren’t!

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