Hrithik Roshan And A Latest Picture Of His Flexed Biceps Takes The Internet By A Storm!

Here’s the truth about Hrithik Roshan. And it is really no fanboy speak. It is just what it is and has become so over the course of the past two decades. There are actors. Then there are stars. And then, come the superstars. And then Superstars and Greeks Gods. Perhaps by now, at the back of movies like Kaho Na Pyaar Hai, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, Dhoom 2, War, Bang Bang, and Lakshya– you already know where to place Hrithik Roshan in that category.

There are few actors, truth be told, who are as liked as they are hero worshipped. Over the course of the past 22 years, Hrithik Roshan has risen like a fire whose flames fan the inspiration of the Bollywood world.

His fans cannot get enough of him and honestly, there’s no stopping the man behind meaningful films, which didn’t really get the credit they deserved. Think of Mohenjo Daro and Kites. Women, even as the actor is fast approaching 50, cannot get enough of him.

His co-stars and there are several who admire him- Saif Ali Khan, Salman Khan, Varun Dhawan, Siddharth Malhotra, Ranveer Singh, have the highest regard for him. There’s little wonder about the fact that when it came to someone becoming Bollywood’s first superhero- it came down to Hrithik Roshan, but of course, in Krishh.

A man we can’t get enough of, a stud that makes women go week in their knees; the perfect thief of Dhoom 2, a Yashraj Productions, who even went as far as driving the F1 car in 2014’s Bang Bang.

But implicit in all he does and that towering persona is the fitness. To many, it’s Hrithik Roshan’s biceps really!

And where it comes to the subject of flexing biceps and sporting with elan a great physique, an almost indomitable frame, then it just doesn’t get better than Hrithik Roshan, who, very recently posed in a bicep-flexing pic and made the Internet run riot.

Here’s what the famous NDTV had to say on the episode that caught, once again, and not for the first time, the imagination of Hrithik and Bollywood fans:

The actor – who is loved as much for his acting skills as he is for his gorgeous looks and dancing talent – is quite active on social media. This gives us all a peek into his life through a plethora of pictures and videos of the actor looking his absolute best. Now, Hrithik Roshan seems to have decided that he wants to break the Internet with a photo of his bicep. And this is no ordinary bicep. It is a “Bollywood bicep”, Hrithik Roshan said in the post. Here, the actor is seen flexing his muscles. As for the caption, he wrote, “Bolo Bollywood bicep ki jai (All hail the Bollywood bicep).” Well, you bet we are, Hrithik.

Source: Twitter/@iHrithik

Just a few hours ago, the actor shared some behind-the-scenes images from a shoot on Instagram Stories. In them, Hrithik Roshan is dressed in a black T-shirt, with Khakhi pants and a shirt. What also caught our attention are the captions that he has added to each of the pictures. In the first image, Hrithik has written, “Ready for action.”

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