Why Does Bobby Deol Think He’s Become The Villain Of The Industry?

Someone who you wouldn’t necessarily call an actor par excellence. Someone one might not even consider a super-star as well. Yet, a man who’s been there in Bollywood for a long time and has made a successful transition from being a good-looking stylish leading man into being an actor whose craft is now being taken more seriously than it earlier was, Bobby Deol has come a long way. And he is not done yet, on the contrary, he is busier than most of his critics might assume.

In an industry where one either needs to be a ‘Khiladi’ or a superstar among the Khan quartet- not trinity- including Aamir, Salman, Shah Rukh and Saif, it’s safe to say that Bobby Deol has made a place for himself in an extremely competitive space.

Gone are the days of the long-locked Tarzan-esque looks that became an intrinsic part of superhits like Soldier and Gupt, the new beard-sporting Bobby Deol one saw in Aashram has risen like a Phoenix.

And truth be told, it’s also a bit strange to imagine that the man behind the playboy persona of Dillagi’s “Rajveer,”, arguably one of the most unsung movies of its time, is the same actor behind the much-despised negative character of among the most successful OTP releases of this era- Aashram.

It appears as though there are no full stops in the life of Bobby Deol, an actor who was once, so dejected and hopeless that it seemed it was all over, to someone who today has a lot of work and no off day from acting, his reason for existence!

In a recent interaction with a leading movie journal, the most good looking Deol of the famous family, one behind many memorable releases such as Baadal, Bichhoo, among the few opened up on why he thinks he’s become the villain of Bollywood, speaking of his on-screen avatar.

So what did Bobby Deol have to say? Find out below:

I think I have become the villain of the industry (Laughs!).” Though, Bobby isn’t complaining! Ask him if he fears being typecast and he says, “Typecast happens by default. In the coming years you will see me in films or web shows in a lot of negative shades. But all these are challenging characters and very different from each other. As long as there’s variety I don’t have a problem.”

About Love Hostel, which also stars Vikrant Massey and Sanya Malhotra, he says, “Teaming up with the director Shanker Raman was exciting. I have loved his previous work like his film Gurgaon (2017, starring Pankaj Tripathi). With this film we are targeting a lot of film festivals post which it will be released mainstream.”

The above told, those who have seen the long-haired dude of the nineties progress into becoming a serious actor defined by character-driven roles, not that in movies like Baadal, Humraaz there was any dearth of serious acting proposition, would gladly accept Bobby in an age of binge-watching where phrases like Instagram and Netflix are common phrases every passing day.

So when’s the next Bobby Deol OTP series releasing?

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