Soon In A Theatre, Or Who Knows, On An OTT Near You: A Biopic On Sourav Ganguly!

A son of the soil, among the greatest brand ambassadors of the state of West Bengal. An inspirer of people, a creator of records, a winner of matches, a doer of things, a scorer of many glorious runs and not Andrew Flintoff’s best friend, Sourav Ganguly is a star. No, he’s a big star.

Actually not, he’s a super star. Well, he’s a legend and there are many who are successful in Cricket, but Sourav Ganguly became an icon, by displaying two distinct qualities that have made him who he is today.

  1. First being, scoring a lot many runs, 18,575 to be precise.
  2. The other, his redoubtable captaincy skills.

Captains, it might not be wrong to say, there are many, but leaders only a few. Frankly, in that era of Indian cricket where much of the batting department was known by a famous trinity comprising Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid and Sourav Ganguly, it was the latter, the “Prince of Calcutta,” who stood out and carved his own niche, much like the other two distinguished pillars of Indian cricket.

So it is only befitting that Sourav Ganguly’s life, one loved by many, popular around the cricket world was transformed onto the big screen for the delight of his fans, the main subject of the movie hailing from a Bollywood-obsessed land: India!

Therefore, the news that a Sourav Ganguly biopic has been announced isn’t too surprising, actually speaking.

Though something that may surprise some of us is the very fact that who will get to play the “Lord of the Off-side,” as Dravid called him is the main question.

The fact being that up to this point, while the Sourav Ganguly biopic has been announced, who’ll get to play Sourav hasn’t been shared as such.

Could this be a big Bollywood hero, whose name has been kept under the wraps?

Regardless, this is a great development. So fervid were we all in our love for Ganguly that we ended up calling him Dada. Funny and exciting in equal measure in that we sensed such utmost affection for the famous left-handed batsman who led India to a great many triumphs, both in and away from India that we didn’t even think that he’s not related to us; and that he’s his own man.

Much like Salman’s Bhai or Sourav’s Dada, the nickname has, to this day, continued to imbue a sense of candour and unfailing affection for one of the greats of modern Indian cricket, a tiger who roared loud long before the likes of MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli even arrived in the sport to forge their own distinct careers.

Image Source: Indian Express

Meanwhile, more on the subject of the Sourav Ganguly biopic suggests that while the movie has been announced, the shooting, of course, is yet to begin.

Take out a minute to hold your enthusiasm to note that only the movie has been announced. The star-cast and other prominent details are yet to happen.

That said, the following is what Bollywood Hungama had to reveal in regards to this solid and promising development that will please both cricket and film fans in the country:

In a career that has spanned several decades from the ’90s as a cricketer till now in the current position that he holds as President of the Board of Control for Cricket in India, Ganguly has been known equally for the international records as well as his contentious attitude, making his life the most fascinating drama in Indian cricket and an equally exciting watch for the audience on the big screen. The biopic will be produced by Luv Ranjan & Ankur Garg.

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