Which Current Electric Car Can Be Parked Using A Smartphone?

Perhaps it may no longer be a misnomer to suggest that the level at which modern technology is operating today, for the lack of better expression, is simply skyrocketing. That’s especially where convenience for mankind is concerned.

Otherwise, how else can you justify the fact that where it stands today, then an electric car can actually be parked using a smartphone.

However, where truth stands, then there may not be an awfully long list of electric cars currently operating in the world, whether one speaks of the United States or the European heartland, that could actually be parked at the behest of a smartphone.

Yet, there is one, if not too many out there at the moment, that allows you the astonishing feature (what else would you even call it) to actually park your EV courtesy a smartphone.

And in order to gauge which one it is, go nowhere, think of nothing else other than the leading automotive charisma on four wheels that hails from Deutschland.

Call it excessive competition in the rapidly evolving electric car market or the giant strides that someone like Tesla has taken in these recent years towards jet setting the EV revolution; truth certainly is that someone like a BMW isn’t leaving anything to chance where it comes to the fascinating electric car space.

And where it comes to the recent years, then BMW has, quite simply, been pushing the boundaries in the EV space, aligning unmatched comfort with state of the art technology to give users a fascinating on road experience hitherto unforesseable.

With the BMW all-new i5 pure electric car, the boundaries, so it seems, have been pushed even further.

Having been launched to the world at a rollicking price of nearly USD 68,000, the BMW i5 pure electric EV is a car like no other.

Truth be told, of the several EV’s that happen to be an A-lister, it is Germany’s latest offering in the dynamic EV segment that can actually be parked using a smartphone.

Sophisticated cars for sophisticated times, you see!

The following is what a leading news report concerning the automotive tech had to say about this really fascinating aspect about the BMW i5:

To ensure the safety of the passengers, the 2024 BMW i5 comes equipped with a suite of ADAS functions.It gets Driving Assistant Professional with Lane Control Assist and Distance Control with Stop and Go function, and new Highway Assistant with Active Lane Change Assistant function.It gets Parking Assistant Professional with automated parking and maneuvering of up to 200 meters via a smartphone.

But hang on.

That’s not all that’s promising about the BMW i5 actually; the sprightly new offering in the mega competitive EV world actually has a really great range, something that drivers in the Indian terrains would consider a boon or something of that sort.

But then how is that?

The said news report further highlighted a really admirable feature of the BMW i5:

Powering the 2024 BMW i5 is a single electric motor in RWD configuration (eDrive40) or a dual-motor setup in AWD configuration (M60 xDrive). They are paired with an 81.2 kWh battery pack. The EV promises to deliver a range of up to 475 km per charge.

Cutting edge design, sharp looks and some envy-inspiring convenience where the smartphone assisted feature lets you park the wagon, what else would anyone want from a car that’s already taking good care of the environment?

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