While you are done with your daily horoscope check, have you ever thought how important or crucial your stars sign is in terms of finding that great sexual partner for you? The one who understands you in the best way possible, in bed? The one who knows how deeply their move affects you and your body?

Your zodiac sign indeed has a huge say in it. Afterall, deep down we are true to the textbook descriptions of our zodiac signs.

This means we react to certain things in a very specific way, be it a good thing or something bad or something extremely sexy. Now, if you’re interested to find with which sign you’re most sexually compatible with then worry not, we have the right thing for you. Read on to find out.

1. Aries: Sagittarius


Aries and Sagittarius, a mix of two entirely hyperactive people who can always be caught doing something. Both the signs are aggressive in their own way in bed, which is why the sexual chemistry between these two is off the charts. They can aptly be described as the spontaneous couple who won’t shy away from having sex anywhere when the mood strikes. You can easily and without a doubt, count them in the Mile High Club, they’re that spontaneous.

2. Taurus: Virgo

emotional couple

This union is purely carried on the amazingness of being together and sex. Both the signs have simply mastered the art of not worrying about the strange and weird bits of sex, and always keep themselves focused on the high points of the act. As two earth signs, they’re very sensual, so they’re more focused on how everything feels than on anything strange going on. Plus, both the signs are very practical in terms of sex which is why they’ll be absolutely ready to dive right in, whenever the urge strikes.

3. Gemini: Aquarius

curious couple

These are two happy-go-lucky air signs that have their chemistry completely revolving around the concept of communication and playfulness. While Aquarians tend to be more experimental, Geminis are more about having a really good time, so together, they’ll never bore one another. In short, a union of these two is sure to last a long time, both in life and in bed. Even when things aren’t working out for them, both the signs have the ability to talk it out and come to a happy conclusion, by the end of it. They’re often described as the curious couple who’s always open to something new and interesting in bed.

4. Cancer: Pisces

passionate couple

Both of these water signs have simply found the mantra of a healthy relationship in bed, and that’s to say ‘yes’ to everything new and interesting. Water has no boundaries, so they have a vast pool of positions, locations, and types of sex to choose from. They’re passionate people who happen to be very kind, so while sex would be sweet between them, it’d also be quite intense. Both the signs have the ability to understand each other’s emotions which is why they somehow end up reading each other’s mind, this results in some of the most intense and great orgasms.

5. Leo: Libra

romantic couple

This union is known to be one of the most romantic couples ever. Leos tend to have big egos that need stroking, and luckily, Libra is up for the job. Leos need to feel adored and appreciated, loved and confident, both in a relationship and during sex. On the other hand, Libras often need someone to take care of and dote on, so you see, they’re a match made in emotional and sexual heaven. There’s drama, romance and a whole lot of fireworks when these two zodiac signs are together. Plus, the best part, both the signs are truly comfortable with each other. They are very expressive in how they feel and what they want, as well as, what they don’t want at all.

6. Scorpio: Capricorn

kinky couple

Kinky is the usual for this couple. Even though both the signs are totally different from each other, they still know how to make every sexual encounter work out for each other. They have a love for kinky that can’t even be explained, all thanks to Scorpions’ super intense and passionate character and Capricorns’ ambitious nature. Both the signs push each other into doing things that work out in everyone’s favour. There’s really not a limit to what a Scorpio will go after — whipped cream in bed, S&M, bondage, and way kinkier. But it’s OK; the Capricorn will work until they’re perfect at whatever kink their Scorpio partner is into. It gets them going, too.

This is the zodiac sign that you’re most compatible with, all thanks to their immense commitment to keep you happy in bed, and this goes out for everyone.

Jyotsna Amla

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